20 Top Paying Adsense Niches 2022

20 Top Paying Adsense Niches 2022

Top paying AdSense niches are as a result of various factors. It is important that you know the bolts and nuts to the niche you belong to. So while compiling the list of “highest paying AdSense niches” here are some of the driving factors noted.


The highest paying niche in the world has an undoubted fierce competition fueled with lots of factors. This is somehow true based on the AdSense list of highest paying keywords.

The competition is fueled by the fact that many companies advertise in such niches compared to the limited high yield space for advertising. Also a rapidly growing or predicted growth in a certain industry normally fuels such competition. It is common knowledge most companies will fight for a share of the growth otherwise they face losing on the market.


There are two conversion sense that influence high payment in certain business niches. Number one is the reward for conversion and secondly low rates of conversion.

Conversion Reward‘ here may mean maybe a sale, sign up, or any other target for advertisers. For example, a top insurance company may pay $200 for every successful customer that buys a certain type of insurance cover plan. So apart from earning only from clicks, impressions … and what have you, if one of the Google AdSense Ads just happened to make this conversion, you could as well walk away with more than $200 from just a click; other factors too considered.

It is not easy to make such conversions everyday. The advertisers know this fact and will pay you ‘handsomely’ for it. This is why a low conversion rate in a highly competitive sphere may just create high paying AdSense niches.

Customer Loyalty

Most customers in the top paying niches tend to remain largely loyal for long. For example, a customer that buys a web hosting package will most likely subscribe for a longer term. That is; a year, two or three with an option of renewing this package before expiry of the term.

There is always a 30-60 days moneyback guarantee. This gives a customer the option to cancel the order and get a refund within the specified moneyback guarantee period if he/she is not impressed by the services offered. This makes the conversion here tricky as a valid conversion may take between 30-60 days but only if a customer does not cancel the order hence high compensation. But remember after the 30-60 days guarantee offer elapses, a customer is not entitled to a refund. So once the door shuts, there is no going back.

So advertisers only need to win and impress a customer and they will certainly get back the Return On Investment from your loyalty. This sounds easy but there is more to it than a click and sale.

Organic Traffic

Traffic from search engines convert most since the person performing a ‘search’ is already in need of something. And if he/she finds it will buy/subscribe to it. Unfortunately, they are less likely to search past the third page. So they will perform another search with a different keyword or buy what they find.

So if 100 companies are competing to list Ads on the first page of Search Engine’s Results Page, you guess what will happen. I know the means will justify the end here. Top paying AdSense niches, will be created.

Branding and Marketing

Some companies just want the world identify them as the best in terms of the provision of certain services in a particular industry. They want to sell their image as a … company. Others just want to market a product to create awareness or increase sales.

Whichever the case, I bet you they will knock out other advertisers to list Ads in positions and areas that will help hit the target easily.

no merit followed, here is a random list of the 20 top paying AdSense niches:

  1. Insurance. Now, have you ever imagined a tragedy like fire razing down your house, business, or car? Or even getting diagnosed with a terminal illness, touch wood! Well, this is where insurance comes in handy. “If you had it insured, you can be sure”, they say. As you will fully or partially get compensation. If it is a terminal illness, your bills will be paid. Though may argue that you are young and healthy and don’t need a health cover for example, on hind sight you know that no one knows about tommorow. And that is where insurance companies come in, and as long as you keep healthy you will hardly use your insurance plan if not for minor services like check ups.
    That is how most insurance companies make their money. And they know that if they get a customer buy their cover, they are largely going to keep such a customer. The industry thrives on loyalty and the initial customer acquisition is normally very high because of competition, branding and marketing, with lower conversions making it high paying advertising niche.
  2. Automobile. This is one very competitive industry with moderate conversions. Most of the time the conversions here would mean just collecting the email or phone contacts of potential buyers. Most of the sales tend to happen in the show rooms but considering automobiles can go for up to millions of dollars this niche will pay well for certain keywords.
  3. Marketing and Advertising. Marketing is everything in building brands and advertising is key to market a brand. Whichever angle you want to view it, this niche pays well especially on targeted keywords.
  4. Personal Finance. Money will always be a key debate and keywords in this niche are really competitive making it a high paying niche.
  5. Health and Fitness. Helath well-being and fitness is a big industry as people grample with so many issues from weight gain or loss, muscle building, fat burning, name them. Most targeted keyworks in this niche pay high as the industry is so full of many quality and conunterfeit products making it very competitive and hard to penetrate.
  6. Forex. Foreign exchange is the only market that never sleeps, it functions 24/7 365 days. For that reason, it has become so convenient for forex traders to exchange currencies online making the industry grow as more players enter this niche. The profit margins for forex brokers is good and thus rendering the chase for new customers worth it.
  7. Domain Names and Registration. Domain names are a great online brand signal to any business. However domain registration costs a few dollars making sole domain registrars make not so much like other web related services. Nonetheless to make huge profits, domain registrars companies’ strength exists in economies of scale; the little you make from more customers the bigger the profits. At times, they will also upsell other services like ssl certificates, web hosting, and many more. For this reason, the competition is normally high in this niche.
    Apart from domain registration, there also exists domain auction services like Sedo and Flippa for example where you could bid on great domains on sale at higher prices. For instance, a while ago on Flippa, the domain HTML.com once sold for $50,000 at an auction.
  8. Law Firms and Attorneys. Finding a great arttorney or lawyer can be one of the craziest tasks around. Everyone needs protection with the law, if you think otherwise wait until you get into trouble with the law. And the worst part, nobody seams aware at all times they are breaking the law. But it does’t have to come to breaking the law for you to need a lawyer, even when doing other stuff like registering a business, selling property, writing a will, … you will just need a lawyer. This niche is high paying because most fees for law related services are not that low.
  9. Law Practices and Damage Compensation. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree here, everything is just the same as the above niche.
  10. Databases & Management. This niche is so big and the keywords pay well. Most database management companies would pays hundreds to thousands of dollars for conversions as most projects tend to rake in huge returns.
  11. Data Recovery. In this information age, data is everything. But since most people store data on computers, that can be have far reaching effects if the data is lost either when your computers crash or any other reason. The cost for data recovery can be very high depending on the magnitude.
  12. Transport and Communication. Transport was crucial for the industrial age and as long as industries still exist it will continue to be bigger. In many ways, transport and communication are finely intertwined as it is hard to do one without the other. Whether it is transporting data, information, goods, raw materials … bla bla bla. That makes this a high paying niche as competition and customer loyalty tends to be the driving force.
  13. Travel and Accommodation. If you have travelled to a new place before, the feeling of being stranded can be scary. As a result most travellers tend to look for accomodation and transport online before paying a visit. This niche is very rewarding for that reason as everyone competes for the new guy in town.
  14. Web Hosting. Web servers are so in demand these days but on the flipside that hasn’t scarcity as there are so many web hosts in the industry. The cost of acquiring customers here is so high largely because of competition and a great customer loyalty. The one crazy thing though is the poor conversions in this industry; the one reason which this niche is high paying for coversions.
  15. Web Design. As long as the internet continues to exist, this is one niche that will never be dry. The main problem is getting new customers as competition is so high as web designers are all over, be it on freelancing sites, brick and mortar businessed etc.
  16. Mortgages and Property Care. It is wise to own a house as an income earner or just a place to live. But sometimes you want to yet your bank account doesn’t have enough for your dream property. The banks know that you can hardly go wrong with selling mortgages as they are a source of stable income and should a customer default, they have a collateral to nub. For this reason, it is common to find banks and mortgage finincers paying high to sell their rates and services to a prospect buyer. If you through in the competition, you will find this to be a very high rewarding niche.
  17. Car Rental. This is one fast growing niche and the amount of competition here is just absurd considering that conversion rates are high but little customer loyalty. People are basically trying out new stuff everyday. In terms of technology you have taxi Apps launched daily with cheaper or better rates for both boarders and drivers or car owners. The one sure way would be advertising so as to get your brand infront of many eyes as possible making it one of the best paying AdSense niches.
  18. Home and Garden Care. The real estate industry is fast making a buzz online as part of their customer acquisition strategy since that’s where most people are now spending their free time, more than the old media like TV, radio et cetera. Gardening and landscaping go in hand with real estate as the two are better sold as a pair. There are normally a huge amount of trust to be won here as a house buyer is hardly likely to buy again and the prices here are in their thousands to millions of dollars. In some cases, making two sales a year is massive success for the realtor and for these and other reasons, this is a very high paying online niche.
  19. Online courses and Teaching. It’s definitely not for the sole reason that people no longer have time for school. No! The hidden trick here is mainly because online courses and training will eventually uspsell you something of a higher rewarding value in the process of the tail end of the course. Let’s say like recommending you a great college program.
  20. Computer hardware and software. This is an online niche that mainly focuses on targeting first time users that tend to be loyal overs long periods. If your first computer was a Dell, HP, mACbOOK, name it … you probably are going to be just upgrading to a better model on the same brand. Mainly because advertisers would target to show most ads related to your PC model. Most software you use also tend to be those compatible with your PC model. And that in a way creates a fierce competition for the first customer. Loyalty and competition tends to guide this niche. You can also argue that most software will try to be as compatible to most computers as possible, but still it just work to increase the competion for hardware brands as less and less people are tech savvy to look out for the specs.

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