SEO Tutorial 2022 for Beginners and Pros

SEO Tutorial 2022 for Beginners and Pros

is simply the process of ranking high on search engines (natural/organic) results page.

In this SEO tutorial 2022 for beginners and pros, we are going to learn the basic SEO techniques and tips that are useful step by step. Note that this article takes a general approach to SEO. Here are the top 15 SEO techniques and tips for 2022:

  1. Content
  2. ‘Content is King’. Yes, to ensure that your website/webpage is Search Engine Optimized, then you have to write content that people search for. In addition, you also need to consider the search engines preferred by the target audience, how the search engines work and what people search for. The most used/preferred search engines by many internet users in the world today are; Google, Yahoo and Bing according to Alexa traffic index. These top search engines do not index blank websites/pages. So to improve your site’s SEO you have to publish substantial content (at least 200 characters per page).

  3. Web Design
  4. These days many web designing languages are out there. But how many of them are conventional and SEO/search engine friendly? The answer is; less than 40%. Many webmasters/designers today forget the essence of designing in relation to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They forget that major search engines value static pages rather than dynamic ones. Yes, we do recognize that you want your site to be more interactive, by using dynamic web languages like javascript…. Sorry, most dynamic web content are not Search Engine Optimized. So start designing your websites in static forms with conventional design languages like; HTML and CSS period.

  5. Backlinks
  6. Backlinks are links from other sites that send traffic to your site. Backlinks are a measure of a site’s reputation on the internet. This is the argument of major search engines. The more the number of backlinks, the higher the rank in search engine’s results page. However, in SEO the quality of backlinks matter a lot. Backlinks should be relevant(from same niche sites), should be gradualy and frequently acquired and should be natural and keyword rich. Avoid buying backlinks for your site. Learn tips on getting SEO backlinks to your site free

  7. Meta Tags
  8. There are three major meta tags in the head tag; description, keywords and robots tags. To ensure that your site is SEO friendly, avoid the ‘robots-no follow’ tags. The ‘no-follow’ tags normally tell the search engines not to crawl the page commanded. In fact, Google announced that it will ban all sites using the ‘no-follow’ tags. Avoid this.
    When writing META description tags, use relevant keywords that appear in your content. Never use keywords in description tags that never appear in your content.
    When writing META keywords tags, consider including keyword phrases i.e ‘funny photos’ instead of only single words like ‘funny, photos’. The keywords you select should also appear in your content. Also separate your keywords with commas to make them distinct.

  9. Keywords
  10. Keywords
    are the search terms that people search for on the internet.

    To improve a website’s/webpage SEO, one needs to ensure that the keywords are relevant to the target audience. For example, in America, people search for the term ‘soccer’ rather than ‘football’ while in Europe it is the vice versa.Also people search for ‘funny photos’ rather than ‘funny images’. So depending on the target audience, you have to optimize your site for the preferred keyword/search term.
    However, keyword SEO (Search Engine Optimization) depends on various techniques. That is density, nature and relevancy. Keywords should occur naturally on the content and should not be forced. SEO keywords should also be relevant to the page content. And finally the keywords should be less dense. Sites that have too many keywords are normally penalized for keyword spamming by major search engines like Google. Below is an example of search keywords data from Google for Search Engine Optimization.

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  11. Domain Name
  12. Yes, domain names are key in SEO (Search Engine Optimization ). You should choose a keyword rich domain name. E.g If you are writing about shoes, the word ‘shoes’ should appear in your domain name like,, …. But if you do not find a keyword rich domain name, don’t worry much because you are not doomed.

  13. Web Hosting
  14. SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) is all about search results. A GOOD WEB HOST IS KEY TO SEO. HOW? A web hosting company that offers an up time of 99% and above is good since your site will be available on the internet 99% the time your audience is searching for it. Also if you are targeting traffic from a particular region, let’s say Africa, America or Europe then try to host your site in servers from those continents. This will make your site SEO friendly. This is one of the factors that make some sites to rank higher in certain regions than others.

  15. Title Tags
  16. Titles show what a web page is all about.Search engines start crawling a page from the title and give much attention to it making it key in Search Engine Optimization.

  17. Heading Tags
  18. Headings show the topics of various web contents. In SEO, search engines place more emphasis on headings in the ‘h1’ tags. Also the location of the heading matters a lot. So using ‘h1’ tags in main headings and placing them on top of the page will help improve a site’s SEO profile.

  19. Links
  20. to optimize your content, links in your webpages should be SEO friendly. you should avoid putting many irrelevant links in your webpages. Your links should be relevant to the content of your webpage. The links should also contain relevant keywords.

  21. Coding
  22. Search engines do not index blank/error pages.This makes coding a very key factor in Search Engine Optimization. All web designing tags should be closed and coded correctly. This will make the crawling process by search engines easy and efficient. Search engines like correctly coded sites since they eat less of their resources.

  23. Images
  24. Many web designers today fail to notice the importance of images in relation to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Not because they do not use images.
    Explanation: Major search engines have an option of the image search. and most Search engines are normally ‘blind’. Meaning they do not notice images in webpages. So to make images SEO friendly, designers should use the ‘ALT’ tags to make their images noticed by search engines. Also the words in the ‘ALT’ tags should contain relevant keywords.

  25. Google PageRank
  26. The higher the pagerank, the better the SEO. A pagerank of 4 and above is considered good. Get free page rank tips

  27. Site Map
  28. Create XML and HTML sitemap for your site and submit them to search engines. You can use the Google webmatser’s tools to submit your site to Google.

  29. Submit Site
  30. After creating and designing your site, submit it to various major search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google. Then wait to see your site’s ranking after it has been indexed.

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