How To Increase Google Page Rank Quickly

How To Increase Google Page Rank Quickly

Since Google announced that pagerank was going to determine how high sites rank on its search engine’s results page, the quest for a higher page rank has gone roof. This piece will show you how to increase page rank quickly and for free. So now,

What is Google Page Rank?

Google Page Rank is a link analysis algorithm used by Google to assign a numerical weight on a scale of 0 to 10 so as to determine the basic importance of a linked document (or a site or blog in our case here). Simply, the output of Google algorithm used to rank your website.

How To Increase Google Page Rank Free and “Gradually Quickly”

Now that you know what Google page rank is, is your website or blog on pagerank 0 (poor) or above pagerank 3 (good)? The following are the sure tips that will help you know how to increase Page Rank free and fast. Remember, increasing page rank output is a gradual process but rewarding in the end. The process can take months but it’s no rocket science. Websites with a lower PR (PageRank) will need ‘votes’ from higher PR sites/blogs. Simply because high PR sites have more Link Juice. The more the donation, the higher the concentration and more taste hence growth in PageRank. And here are some of the key techniques to achieve that result;

CONTENT : ‘Content is King’. In order to improve your site’s Google page rank then you create substantial, quality and unique content on your website. Remember that Google does not index blank pages. You should always write good quality content that visitors to your site find helpful. Quality content also ranks high on Search engines results page. The higher the ranking the higher the traffic (CTR)., the higher you increase page rank. Votes from search engines results pages are the best. This will boost your pagerank quickly. Also create multiple content and publish regularly to earn that good reputation on the Google Page Rank score sheet.

LINKS : Links are the second most important items to increase Google Page Rank of a website. However, links can build or ruin a website’s reputation on Google in relation to Page rank. Links differ in type, source, and quality as you are about to learn. Link juice is usually the determinant factor for the quality of links to your website.

1. Backlinks

Backlinks are links from other blogs/sites that link to your own and vice versa. The higher the number of quality backlinks, the more the clicks (votes) to your site, the more you increase Google Page rank. So who you link to and who links to you matters a lot. You should only strive to get backlinks from sites with a higher Google Page Rank than your own. Also the sites that you link to should be of quality.
Explanation: Sites that have a lower Page Rank add little to no value to your own. So only link to reputable sites. Read our article on how to create backlinks to your website for free. It will help you understand the dynamics.

2. Internal Links

Anchor texts are simply words on a link. Internal links are anchors to other pages on the same site, like the one above. When users click on the links, the current page donates votes to the resultant page. However, the the quality of the voting page matters much during Google Page Rank calculation. The higher the quality of the voting page, the better the quality of the Page Rank votes.
To ensure that the votes from a page are quality, a web page should have a few links as possible to maintain the strength (link juice concentration) of the votes. Links should also consist of relevant anchor texts. For example, instead of saying “Click Here” to direct users to a page about the next PR update, simply replace the “Click Here” in your link with a relevant text like “Time for the next Google PageRank update“.

3. No-follow Links

As you have noticed above, too many internal links dilute the importance a page’s Page Rank vote. This should not mean that your web page(s) should not be interactive and fulfill their roles. No-follow tags on links make them not to be followed by search engines hence they won’t be crawled. All no-follow links will be ignored by search engines but they will still do the work of anchoring. This makes the voting page more important. To help increase Google Page Rank with this tactic, you should use the no-follow tags in your comment sections, in-text ads, affiliate links, and other less important links. One site that exploits this strategy is WikiPedia.

4. Special Links/Backlinks

Can’t stress much on this. There are links/backlinks that Google and other search engines treat as special. Links from these websites are special in that they are the hardest to obtain yet so commanding. Such sites are like; Wikipedia, government websites (.gov), education sites (.edu)… and the rest. Most of these sites have a higher Google Page Rank ( from Page Rank 6 and above). Here you only need a link or more to your site and sit back to watch your Page Rank increase from pagerank 0 upwards. This is the fastest way to increase Google Page Rank.

SUBMITTING Your Site: After creating a web page or a site/blog, submitting it to search engines is the first step of increasing your Page Rank. Links /websites with low/no Page Rank we said don’t add value to a site with regards to Google Page Rank. You should create a HTML and xml sitemap to your site. Xml and HTML sitemaps often get crawled fast and if a new link/content is added to a site, Google tends to index them faster. These two sitemaps should be submitted to major search engines.
Also submit your site to popular web directories. Links from these directories also act as special links. Though getting listed here is not that easy. Some of the popular and authoritative web directories here include; Yahoo!Directory , and Dmoz. See the list of free high pagerank directories

GUEST POSTING : This method is well known to increase Google Page Rank of a site. Most sites have an option on their pages that allow you to post articles. You should always choose sites higher in Google Page Rank, reputable and in the same niche as your own for guest posting. When you post on such sites, ensure that you include a link to your site in the articles and when someone clicks on them, you get a Google Page Rank vote.
You can also guest post on sites that do not have this option. All you do is contact the owner of the site and inform him/her of your intention, and if it’s a good article, they will post it.

BLOG COMMENTING : Most blogs today allow comments on their articles, design, services…so as to obtain their users views and recommendations. You can always post comments on other sites/blogs and include a link to your website/blog. This goes deep in increasing your site’s Google Pagerank fast.
NOTE: Do not waste your time posting comments on sites that are not of the same niche as yours, with a low page rank, and sites that use the no-follow tags on their comment sections. To know whether a blog uses the no-follow, check whether other comments have been published or not. If not, it uses the no-follow tag. Many sites that use the WordPress plugin, Commentluv allow you post comments that are dofollow including links. See the list of Commentluv Blogs

FORUMS : Google values content from active and interactive online forums. Most of these online forums have a good reputation with higher Google page rank. Some of the forums are free to join while others charge a membership fee to join. Links from these forums will boost your site’s page rank. Again, join forums on the same niche as your blog.

HOSTING UP TIME : Imagine a scenario like after struggling much to reach this far, your site gets offline and becomes unavailable for your visitors. You know what Google will do? It will not index those error pages. This will lower your Google Page rank in the next ranking after all that struggle, too bad. Always find a web hosting company with a 99.9% guaranteed uptime to save you from this kind of loss.

SOCIAL BOOKMARKING : Finally, you have made it up to down here. Now socialize and get the word out about your site. The latest search engines algorithm are now using social media stats like shares, likes…to gauge the importance of webpages. But I am not certain about Google. Just do not leave it out. Social media can make anything go viral and gain links from top sites. The higher the likes, shares etc, the higher the traffic, backlinks and why not? Pagerank too. Some of the best, popular and easy to use social bookmarking sites are; Facebook, Google plus, Digg, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Squidoo.

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