Top 100+ Free High PR Follow Directories Submission Sites List 2022

Top 100+ Free High PR Follow Directories Submission Sites List 2022

See a list of high pr follow directories submission sites for 2022 below. Each of the sites in the list have been carefully reviewed before being included in our top rated list. Feel free to try at least 10 of the sites or bookmark this page for future use.

What is Follow link

– a “follow” link is one that count as points, pushing ‘link juice‘ and boosting the Pagerank of the linked to websites, helping them go higher in the search engine results pages (SERP).

Why does every Site need high page rank follow backlinks?

  • Backlinks can improve your off page SEO.
  • BacklinkS can improve your web page rank in search engine results pages (SERP).
  • Relevance high pr (pr 9, pr 8, pr 7 , pr 6, pr 5, pr 4) directory link quickly improve google trust and page rank.
  • Quality directoy links help increase website traffic.

You can see our 2022 guide for creating inbound links here. Now without further a do, let’s jump to our list of free high pr directory submission sites 2022 below:

Top 100 High PR Dofollow Directories Submission List

High pr (high quality) vs low page pr (low quality) directory sites

The low page rank low alexa rank directory sites are not good for your site its never pass good backlink in google eye and traffic. so you must use only high pr directory submission sites.

Page rank – is an algorithm used by google to rank websites in their search engine results. Page rank indicate the importance of site pages and google trust. Here is a good article explaining more about Pagerank

Best Free High pr directory submission sites 2022


Yahoo! Directory

Note :- SEO experts and webmasters use High pr dofollow directory submission sites to build link profile but when any webmaster use large volume low quality directories then Google panda, hummingbird and pengium algorithm can decrease your site appearance in SERP. So you must use high page rank dofollow directory submission websites.

Free high pr directory submission sites listPage rank (9 to 6) 9
www.sciencedirect.com9 2
free high pr directory submission sites listPagerank (5 to 1) 5 5 3
SiteURLPage RankVisit Directory
1ussitedir.com9Visit Now >>
2sciencedirect.com9Visit Now >>
3Joanna-marach.com8Visit Now >>
4Caida.eu7Visit Now >>
5Ecesummit.com7Visit Now >>
6usgeo.org6Visit Now >>
7hdvconnect.com6Visit Now >>
8Vip7star.com6Visit Now >>
9Ironlinkdirectory.com5Visit Now >>
10add-link-exchange.com5Visit Now >>
11phplinkdir.com5Visit Now >>
12linkmatch.info5Visit Now >>
13hp-links.com5Visit Now >>
14scrubtheweb.com5Visit Now >>
15activesearchresults.com5Visit Now >>
16gigablast.com4Visit Now >>
171abc.org4Visit Now >>
18Brownlinker.com4Visit Now >>
19Britainbusinessdirectory.com4Visit Now >>
20Botid.org4Visit Now >>
21Alwayslinks.com4Visit Now >> Now >>
23Jewana.com4Visit Now >>
24H-log.com4Visit Now >>
25Eslovar.com4Visit Now >>
26Thalesdirectory.com4Visit Now >>
27Directoryseo.biz4Visit Now >> Now >>
29a1webdirectory.org4Visit Now >>
30sonicrun.com4Visit Now >>
31secretsearchenginelabs.com4Visit Now >>
32mastermoz.com4Visit Now >>
33infotiger.com4Visit Now >>
34247webdirectory.com4Visit Now >>
35w3catalog.com4Visit Now >>
4Visit Now >>
4Visit Now >>
38add-oncon.com4Visit Now >>
3Visit Now >>
3Visit Now >>
41Usawebsitesdirectory.com3Visit Now >>
42Seoseek.net3Visit Now >>
3Visit Now >>
44Allstatesusadirectory.com3Visit Now >>
3Visit Now >>
46Freedirectorysubmit.com3Visit Now >>
47Alistdirectory.com3Visit Now >>
48Gmawebdirectory.com3Visit Now >>
49Galyeannursery.com3Visit Now >>
50Digitaleveuk.org3Visit Now >>
51Deeplinksdirectory.co3Visit Now >>
52Contenteurope.com3Visit Now >>
53Callyourcountry.com3Visit Now >>
54Callbuster.net3Visit Now >>
55Businessseek.biz3Visit Now >>
56intelseek.com3Visit Now >>
57wewebware.com3Visit Now >>
58Dondir.com2Visit Now >>
59loadspy.com2Visit Now >>
60addbusiness.net2Visit Now >>
2Visit Now >>
621websdirectory.com2Visit Now >>
63dizila.com2Visit Now >>
64momsdirectory.net2Visit Now >>
65onemilliondirectory.com2Visit Now >>
66Generalbusinesswebdirectory.com2Visit Now >>
67Blahoo.net2Visit Now >>
68Ananar.com2Visit Now >>
69Linkpedia.net2Visit Now >>
70Net-dir.com2Visit Now >>
71Bari.biz2Visit Now >>
72Generalshoppingdirectory.com2Visit Now >>
73zexro.info2Visit Now >>
74mugro.info2Visit Now >>
75triplewdirectory.com2Visit Now >>
76netinsert.com2Visit Now >>
77qqpipi.com2Visit Now >>
78indofeed.com2Visit Now >>
79Digabusiness.com2Visit Now >>
80Busybits.com2Visit Now >>
81abacusseo.com1Visit Now >>
82Bedwan.com1Visit Now >> Now >>
84Intelseek.com1Visit Now >>
85likeddot.com1Visit Now >>
86mccregion6.net1Visit Now >>
87tele-script.com1Visit Now >>
88cafeatlantico.info1Visit Now >>
89bobresources.com1Visit Now >>
90web-directory-site.com1Visit Now >>
91directory-listingsnow.org1Visit Now >>
92alabamaindex.com1Visit Now >>
93zebralinks.com1Visit Now >>
94weddo.info1Visit Now >>
95dir-submitter.info1Visit Now >>
96braniewo.net1Visit Now >>
97ecctrade.com1Visit Now >>
98idahoindex.com1Visit Now >>
99illumirate.com1Visit Now >>
100Textlinkdirectory.com1Visit Now >>

You have seen the list about :- free dofollow directory submission sites with high pr 2022?,   ;the high pr directory submission list.

Also find herein a list of free High PR Dofollow Commentluv Blogs List here.

These sites make sure that only websites of high quality get through to provide users with the best selections that can help them achieve high page ranks and excellent SEO performance.

What’s more, Google itself looks at these factors to determine their place on their search pages or if they belong there at all. For most of these link building websites, only sites with excellent numbers on Page Rank, Trust Flow, and Citation Flow have a chance of getting through.

Should You Add Your Links To These Sites?

Absolutely, you should. Remember that exchanges in quality links helps a lot in achieving good SEO performance and Google certainly takes the presence of websites into account when ranking said websites.

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