How to increase Page Authority

How to increase Page Authority

This is how to increase page authority of your site web page. Unlike domain authority, page authority relies on a single page valuation. Page authority weighs the strength of a single domain to rank high in search engine’s organic results page. Page authority and domain authority are finely intertwined that one can not function properly without the other. It’s like listening and speaking. But first, what is page authority?

What is Page Authority?

Page authority is an SEO metric used to weight the importance of a web page. Depending on how influential a web page is, this will affect how its ranking will be on the search engine’s organic results page.

Similar to Google PageRank, the factors that influence the authority of a web page are both on-page and off-page. Below are some factors that you can consider to increase page authority.

How to Increase your Page Authority

You can increase your page authority in different ways. Here are some working techniques on how to increase page authority:

  1. Increase Page Backlinks

    Backlinks are the number one way to increase page authority. If a page has more links from other sites linking to it than the page links to other sites, this sends a positive message to search engines like Google. Google will start trusting the page more since many sites trust the content of that particular page. The rate a page acquires backlinks also increases the predictability of that page by search engines. See how to increase backlinks to a page.

  2. Internal Links

    Links from other pages on the same domain (site) also matter when it comes to improving page authority. How frequent does a page receive traffic from other pages? However, it is not important to get traffic from other internal links with a poor Google pagerank because this is worse than than doing nothing. Make it a habit to link from high PR pages, like index pages….

  3. Social Media

    This is a new algorithm major search engines are adopting. They start weighing the authority of a page or entire site by the number of social media hits it obtains. For example, the higher the tweets, re tweets, shares, likes, tags … and all that, a page gets on social media tend to send the right signals to search engines like Google. Try using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus,… and you will see an increase in your website page authority.

  4. Improve Page Content

    ‘Page Content is King’. Above all, the content of a page is more important. But the three factors above should act as a rubber stamp. Good content without support is no mean authority.
    However, search engines tend to rank quality content first. Your content should be substantial, quality and unique to get the most of search engines. Your content should also contain relevant keywords to improve its search ranking hence increase in page authority. Good content will also ensure there is a low bounce rate from traffic your page receives from all the above factors.

  5. Improve Page Bounce Rate

    After all the right signals, Google and other search engines want to verify the truth. Do your visitors stay (spend an awesome amount of time) on your page or do they leave at once. This is what bounce rate means. A page that visitors leave immediately they enter has 100% bounce rate.You should have the right content that will keep your visitors engaged. This way, Google now confirms the credibility of your page and its authority records an increase.
    You see! It’s that simple to increase page authority. Unfortunately, most of us do not follow.

  6. Increase Your Domain Authority

    Finally, to increase your page authority, then increase the entire authority of your website or domain.

You see! It’s not rocket science to increase your page authority.

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