How to Monetize your Website in 2022

How to Monetize your Website in 2022

There are many ways on how to monetize your website in 2022. But how many make money from their website? Many but not all. This article demonstrates the different ways of making money with a website. Of course, you cannot apply all the methods listed to make money with your website. You have to have a plan and know what works for your website. Notice, to make more money with a website, you need to increase website traffic. See how to increase website traffic for free. Here are the ways on how to make money with a website:

how to monetize your website

1. Make Money From Advertising On Your Website :

Advertising is an ever growing money industry today. Many website and blog owners make money off their websites from paid advertising. There are many ways (forms) to get paid to advertise on your site. The following are forms of online paid advertising you can use on your website:

1. Pay Per Click(PPC) Advertising
This is the most common mode of advertising on a website. Most website owners make money off their websites from PPC advertising. You get paid when visitors to your website click on the advertisement displayed. The clicks are worth a few cents to a couple of dollars per click. This is the cost per click. These ads are served by advertising companies, Ad Networks. Some of the best Ad Networks to monetize a website with are;
a. Google AdSense: Google AdSense is the largest advertising network in the world. You sign up for their program and then you get the HTML code and paste it in your website. Then when advertisers advertise with Google, the adverts appear on the place you pasted the HTML code. When people click on the advertisement, you make money off the clicks. See how to make money with Google AdSense
b. Bidvertiser: Bidvertiser also operates like AdSense. Since it is hard for most website owners to be accepted to join Google AdSense, most people use other alternatives. Bidvertiser is one such alternative. Sign up is free and as soon as you paste the code on your website, the Ads start showing. During sign up, you choose to be a publisher. Sign up for Bidvertiser and monetize your website.
There are other Ad Networks you can also use to make money with your website. They are; Chitika, Clicksor … see the full list here.
If you opt to make money with your website from PPC advertising, your will notice that there are different forms with which these ads appear. Also other forms of making money with them. They are; banners, text links, pop ups, pop under and interstitial ads.

2. Cost Per Impressions
If your website receives a lot of traffic, then you can make money from the traffic. ‘Website traffic is money’. This is true based on cost per impression(CPI) method. This is how it works. You get paid money when people just see the ads even without clicking on them. For example, a website that receives 10,000 page views a month, and earns $10 dollars (not from clicks),then its CPI is $1/1000 impressions. That is $1 for every 1000 page views. This is a cool way to make money with your website even if visitors do not click on the Ads. The logic is that visitors saw the adverts and that you deserve to get paid for showing them. Most Ad Networks that serve PPC Ads also pay for impressions. So website traffic is money, monetize it.

3. Private Advertising
A website can also make money with private advertisement. Although getting private advertisers to advertise on your website is not easy, it does pay a lot and is quick money better than the other forms of advertising. This method requires you to have a large audience on your website to attract a private advertiser. You can for example put an ‘Advertise Here’ or ‘Advertise with us’ or ‘Advertise on this website’… link on your website page where you are willing to put the Ads. Or interested advertisers can contact your website for a proposal to advertise on it. Whichever way you want, private advertising is one of the rich ways to make money with a website. Large sites like Facebook, Google… use this method. If your site also receives a large traffic, why not monetize it with private advertising.

2. Make Money With Online Consultancy Services :

Each website has a niche. If you are a pro in your field, let’s say health, education,… then you should consider making money from your website with consultancy services. With the internet, you can offer your services to any part of the world. For example, a top doctor in the US, UK, India… can be contacted by other physicians or patients from other countries or their own from their own website contact info. after the service, the doctor earns money from his/her website with consultancy services. Anyone can do this. It’s not limited to doctors alone.

3. Sell Your Own Products On Your Website :

There are billions of online shoppers annually on the internet. This rings a bell, right? Many people are selling and buying. So another way on how to make money with a website is by selling your own products. There are two main categories of items that can be sold on a website, that is; physical and digital products. The physical products can be electronics, cloths, shoes, you name it. While the digital products include; software apps like music, downloads, eBooks…. You can start an online shop or business to sell just about anything.

4. Make Money Marketing With a Website :

As you have noticed, selling products online is a big platform. For that, marketing has become an added target for improving sales. This has given rise to marketing as a way of making money with a website. There are different ways website owners are now using to make money from marketing. Here are the three main ways of making money marketing with a website:

1. Affiliate Marketing
First, we have to acknowledge that advertising is also a way of marketing. With affiliate marketing, one gets a commission from the conversions unlike advertising where you only earn money from the clicks and impressions.
Affiliate marketing is the process of selling products/services from other websites/businesses for a commission. This method works well for those with no products of their own to sell directly on their website. With affiliate marketing, you sign up for affiliate programs, obtain an affiliate link and when people sign up or buy affiliate products/services )from the affiliate links, you earn money in terms of commission as agreed upon sign up (like being a sales person). For example, you may get paid a 20% commission when a person a certain product from your affiliate link. E.g If the sale is worth $100, you make $20 as a commission. Some of the most popular affiliate market places you can join and find products to promote are:
Commission Junction

2. Product Review
Also you can make money with your website from product reviews. Product reviews tell users of an existing or new product, its features and its current offers. Product reviews can be sponsored or affiliated.
For example, with an affiliate product review, you simply write about the product with its features,offers… then place an affiliate link for buyers to use during purchase. Then you make money from the commissions. On the other hand, with some sponsored reviews,if your website has a big audience, then a company may pay you a certain amount of money to display the review for a period of time to your audience/traffic. And those are just some of the ways to make money with a website from product reviews. There are also other numerous tactics you can try here, don’t limit your mind to the two.

3. Email Marketing
The two marketing methods above can be done with email marketing. Yes, you can review products then place affiliate links on them, or just write about current affiliate offers… and email the information to your email subscribers. Many large sites use email marketing to communicate with their users/subscribers. However do not span or sell user info to third parties. Keep up with good email marketing practices as part of your privacy policy.
Foe example, one common form of email marketing can be the Facebook notification email,…. You can choose to email your users on anything. Also. realize that your users are king. They also have the freedom to choose what they want.

5. Make Money With Membership & Premium Content on Your Website :

This is also a way of making money with a website that you probably have run into. Have you ever been asked to pay a fee in order to join a certain activity online on a particular website? These activities may be membership fee or subscription to premium content. The following are some of such website activities;

1. Web Forums
If your website receives more than 10,000 unique visitors every month, then you have to consider adding a forum to it. Just like other popular online forums, you can make/add a forum on your website where your visitors can participate in. Then put a membership fee for new users. You can charge anything from $1 to whatever money you want. Always try to avoid charging membership fee when your premium content is still not popular (has not grown).

2. Job Boards
With people searching for jobs and companies looking for quality skills, this method has gained popularity. For example if your website is in the niche of health and most of your users are health providers and practitioners, then you can add a job board on your website. Advertisers and job seekers, then pay for listing the job offers and subscription to your jobs alert respectively.

3. Polls and Surveys
Another way to make money with a website is through paid polls and surveys. Many companies always try to get views about their products and services. So most of the time, they conduct polls and surveys online and offline to collect views and suggestions. If your website is popular and gets good traffic, then you may get paid to conduct the polls and surveys on your website.

4. Directory Listings
Directories are slowly getting out of business due to the upsurge of many free website directories. But you can give it a try. See example from popular web directories.

6. Make Money Selling Services :

Does your website has a unique content that is in demand? Then why not sell it to those who badly need it. Such like content may include; online teaching/classes….

Donations :

And now, you can just go bold about it. Tell your visitors you need money. Be it money to pay your web hosting fee, …. You can make money with your website by asking for donations from your website users. Ensure that your website has good, quality, helpful stuff that will compel your users to donate to your course. Otherwise, they will think of your website as a scam or strange.

7. Sell Your Website :

Finally, are you tired of your website? Have you tried to make money with your website and now you want to retire or venture into new things? Why not sell your website. Selling a website is an easy and lucrative way to make quick money with your website. Websites are usually evaluated by the total worth of its recent two years.
For example, a site that has been making $500/month is worth: 2years by 24 months by $500. That is; $12,000 dollars.
You see! $12k is good money. Your website or domain must be popular though, to find a buyer very first. There are many places to sell your website online.

GOOD LUCK with your website money making journey.

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