10 Sites like YahooAnswers

10 Sites like YahooAnswers

Sites like YahooAnswers let you do most of the stuff you could with answers.yahoo.com . Many webamsters target these sites for ‘backlinks‘, or web traffic …. But for other users, it is only to get answers to their questions and many more other uses.

Below is a list of similar sites to Yahoo Answers :

  1. http://allexperts.com
  2. http://answerbag.com
  3. http://answerbank.com
  4. http://answerly.com
  5. http://answers.com
  6. http://anybodyoutthere.com
  7. http://ask.com
  8. http://askmehelpdesk.com
  9. http://askville.com
  10. http://www.blurit.com
  11. http://friendfeed.com
  12. http://www.funadvice.com

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