PayPal Withdrawal Methods in Kenya

PayPal Withdrawal Methods in Kenya

How to Withdraw Money from PayPal in Kenya

This guide will help you to withdraw your money from PayPal in Kenya safely without getting scammed. Just follow to the end and let us know your experience in the comments below. Here are the PayPal withdrawal options in Kenya:

  1. Equity Bank Self Service
  2. Payoneer
  3. Epay Swift
  4. PayPal to M-pesa Services
  5. Online Agents

How long does it take to withdraw from PayPal in Kenya?

What is the average processing time for PayPal withdrawals in Kenya? Most withdrawals take some time (max 3 days) however there are instant withdrawal options like online agents and PayPal to Mpesa services. In most of the options below you must first undergo some verification process in order to use the services. This is usually for security purposes and nothing more. The PayPal verification methods may range from scanning your ID, Passport, or Driver’s license to linking your bank account or mobile wallet like Mpesa …

Below we are going to devle deeper into how to withraw your money from PayPal in Kenya.

Attention!!: The PayPal withdrawal options in Kenya we review below are legit and well tested. Never use a service online especially if it involves money without verifying it is legitimate to avoid being conned. Let us know in the comments below which method has worked for your well.

The Marketing Tricks

In Kenya while browsing through the internet, you may see a lot of sites talking about direct PayPal withdrawal through Safaricom and I&M’s M-Pesa Prepay Safari card, the COOP or KCB Prepaid Debit Card. Well, all these information is wrong as only one bank is authoried by PayPal to officially carry out such operatios in Kenya. And that bank is Equity Bank Kenya Ltd.

What these bank cards will do is they’ll help you buy goods or subscriptions online through Visa/Mastercard but not directly withdrawing money from PayPal to your bank account. You can also link them to PayPal when verifying your PayPal account.

Some of the information out there therefore is not honest as some people are just busy trying to get you to get their cards or open an account with them solely for own selfish gains which is wrong.

PayPal Withdrawal Challenges in Kenya

PayPal withdrawal has been a pain in the nose of most Kenyans working online such as writers, … mainly because most of the top online freelancing sites pay through PayPal.

For this reason, withdrawing your money from the PayPal to M-Pesa, local bank account or a Kenyan ATM has been one of the most sought after services.

There was a time when it was extremely difficult to make PayPal withdrawals in Kenya. Blogs such as Like Chapaa and many others featured lots of posts on how to withdraw money from PayPal in Kenya.

Those days many got scammed and lost money to scam sites. Others used certain methods which worked for a while then stopped working. Players such as came up and started offering help at exorbitant rates. That made it extremely dificult to work, earn and withdraw your money from PayPal in Kenya.

And even though PayPal is slowly setting foot in Kenya, some other online payment gateways such as Skrill (formerly MoneyBookers) are already making huge strides as you can withdraw your money directly to your M-pesa account from Skrill instantly

Nonetheless, the future looks brighter and this post will help protect you from scammers while guiding your throug some of the most legit and trusted PayPal withdrawal options in Kenya today.

These are five main ways to withdraw money from PayPal in Kenya:

1. Equity Bank Self Service

How to Withdraw Money from PayPal to equity bank account

Equity Bank is the cheapest option for withdrawing PayPal cash. It takes upto 3 business days for the money to reflects in your bank account though sometimes it may take less. To use this method, you must first have an Equity bank account debit/credit card and ofcourse you also need to have a verified PayPal account which is quite easy to do.

Below is how to withdraw money from PayPal to Equity bank accout:

  1. Verify your PayPal account: Taking that you already have your EQUITY bank account with your ATM card with you, you can go to PayPal’s website and add the card then verify it. After adding the card on the PayPal website, you will be charged appproximately $2 (230 KES) for verification purposes. This money is however refunded back to you in 2 days to your bank account by PayPal after verification. There is usually a *four digit verification that is sent to you in you bank statement that PayPal will require you to provide in order to fully verify you account and link your card.
    Other banks may takes 2 days for this code to reflect but with Equity it is normally instant via SMS. Once you have received your PayPal verification code from Equity via SMS, go back to your PayPal account and verify it by inserting the four digit code.
    In case, you don’t get this code via SMS from Equity, you will need to go to your nearest Equity bank branch and get a printout of your statement (will cost you around 50 KES) for this particular day/week/month. There you will see the four digit code on your PayPal trasaction details in your bank statement.
  2. Login into Equity Self Care: Next would be to login/signup to the Equity Self Service Platform. Insert your correct login details after creating an account (if you did not have one yet). Basically you will need your email and password for login needs. Equity will then send you a confirmation code via SMS to your mobile phone which you will need to insert on the next page before login into the self service platform. *This is done to prevent unauthorized logins to your account.
  3. Link PayPal Account to Equity: After you successfully login, you will see all your Equity bank accounts. Now you will be required to link the account for the card linked to your PayPal account here. Just go to “link account” as illustarted below and that would be it.
  4. Check PayPal balance: Here you can check your PayPal balance to see if it enough for withdrawing (Minimum is $1).
  5. Place your PayPal withdrawal request:After successfully placing your withdrawal request, you need to wait for upto 3 business days for the bank to process it. If everyting goes well, you should be able to see the withdrawn amount show in your bank account balance.

And that’s just how easy it is to withdraw your money from PayPal to an Equity bank account in Kenya.

Advantages of Using Equity Bank Self Service

  • You enjoy the lowest PayPal withdrawal in Kenya
  • They will never scam you
  • They have a great support team
  • PayPal withdrawals can raise your credit worth making it easier to borrow loans from Equity bank.
  • The platform is more secure.
  • You can withdraw large amounts from PayPal without worry.
  • They are officially endorsed by PayPal in Kenya

Disadvantages of Equity Bank Self Service

  • You have to wait longer periods (upto 3 business days) to receive your money from PayPal to you bank account

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2. Payoneer

Payoneer is a friendly payment processor that is accepted by many freelancing websites, online payment platforms and even PayPal itself used to accept it wayback before 2014. It is the most trusted and ONLY method of withdrawing PayPal money directly meaning you can withdraw by going to PayPal and clicking “withdraw”.

Payoneer is a service that provides people with US bank accounts and a custom VISA debit card thaT can be used at ATMs displaying the VISA sign. Though this method is no longer reliable for new users, if you had the debit card before 2014 you can still enjoy direct PayPal withdrawals to your Payoneer bank account.

In case you already have a Payoneer account and don’t have the Global Payment Service, simply send an email to Payoneer through their online contact form and they’ll get you sorted out real quick. You can also feel free to call or chat with them.

Otherwise Kenyans are advised to use the Equity bank service while making withdrawals from PayPal to their bank account.

Advantages of Using Payoneer Card

  • You are given an actual account number which you will fill on PayPal‘s withdrawal page. Therefore you don’t need to worry about PayPal closing your account due to the use of indirect methods. Once you withdraw, the cash comes directly to your Payoneer account and you can withdraw through local ATMs (Currently Barclays, KCB, Equity, PesaPoint and CfC among others) or transfer to your local bank account.
  • They have negligible commissions. You only get charged 1% for PayPal withdrawals.
  • You can withdraw the cash through many ATMs and bank accounts worldwide.
  • You can also use the Payoneer debit card to buy things online.
  • You have no limit to the amount of cash you can withdraw.

Limits of Payoneer Global Payment

  • When you withdraw the cash from PayPal, you will get it after 3 business days.
  • Exorbitant charges since withdrawals at the ATM will cost you $3.15 (roughly 300 KES). Another charge is the $30 activation charge which will be deducted once as soon as you have that cash in your Payoneer account.
  • This method is no longer applicable to new users and only those who signed up before 2014 can use it.

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3. Epay Swift

ePay Swift is a platform through which, as the name suggests, guarantees efficiecy, user-friendliness and above all, very competitive transaction fees for services provided.

We single out ePay Swift since it is among the most trusted and reliable option of all these Kenyan PayPal withdrawal services especially to M-pesa. They have been aroung for a longer duration.

To get started with ePay Swift, simply:

  1. Go to their website Epay Swift and sign up (takes less than a minute).
  2. Click on the email verification code link in order to receive a code to cofirm your email.
  3. Login to your account and click on the Account Upgrade link at the top.
  4. Upload a clearly scanned copy of your ID (front and back) for verification purposes.

You account will be verified/upgraded within 20 minutes. With a verified account, you will be able to enjoy a array of services which include:

  1. Instant deposits for PayPal and Skrill transactions. Simply click on the deposits Deposit Money link and follow the prompts.
  2. Significant reduction on the deposit Transaction Fee, from 7.5% to 6.5% (PayPal) and 3% (Skrill)
  3. Deposit and withdraw funds from your bank account via PesaLink or Equitel at very affordable rates and fast.
  4. Withdrawal to Mpesa or other online wallets are effected within 10 miutes.
  5. Mobile friendly website.

Advantages of Using ePay Swift

  • Instants deposits if you want to load your PayPal or Skrill account.

  • You get the money from PayPal within 10 – 15 minutes via M-Pesa which makes it the a very fast, trusted method of PayPal withdrawal in Kenya
  • They will never scam you
  • They have a great support team
  • They can send the cash to your M-Pesa, Skrill, Airtel Money accounts among many others options
  • You get to take advantage of the numerous ePay SWIFT services available.

Disadvantages of ePay Swift

  • They have slightly high commission rates. Cosidering the point that M-Pesa will also charge you to receive the actual money from ePay Swift.

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4. PayPal to M-pesa Services

How to Withdraw Money from PayPal to M-pesa

PayPal to M-pesa services as the name clearly suggests helps one to withdraw money through an intermediary to their M-pesa wallet. There is not a doubt that in Kenya the mobile money industry is so huge and continues to be tapped into. Since the big players are not yet providing PayPal withdrawal services, this has created another niche with many Kenyans now working from home. There are quite some legit PayPal to Mpesa services out there but we shall not go deeper into that here.

However it is advisable to always read a review about a service online before using it just to know what it entails to avoid getting scammed.

The one such service we would recommend here again is Epay Swift.

Advantages of PayPal to M-pesa Services in Kenya

  • You receive your money directly to your Mpesa account (wallet).
  • Lower trasaction fee
  • Faster withdrawals

Limits of PayPal to M-pesa Services in Kenya

  • Most services have a history of not staying for long in the business.
  • You can only withdraw your money o business days and withing 8:00 a.m – 5 p.m working hours in most cases.

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5. Online Agents

Online Agents are individuals who act as middlemen on the internet that also offer you PayPal withdrawal services at a commission. These agents will mostly send money to your M-pesa account on request. What you simply do is transfer the money that you wish to withdraw from your PayPal account to their provided PayPal address. On receipt of the funds from you, they will then send the amount to your provided mobile money wallet less the total deductions (commissions and fees).

This method of PayPal withdrawal in Kenya is riskier than the others above (since you are not dealing with institutions) but it can also be very efficient in a number of ways especially for emmergencies. There are quite some trusted individuals in this field but since we do not openly root for this method we will not share contacts here. However, should you have any pressing issues regarding this method, kindly hit our inbox and we will figure out something for you.

Advantages of Using Online Agents

  • You can make faster withdrawals (within minutes of request)
  • You get personalized attention
  • Rates can be significantly lower

Disadvantages of Online Agents

  • Some have high commission rates.
  • The risk is a little higher.
  • You may face unnecessary delays
  • Support is normally not top notch

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There are lots of PayPal to M-pesa services that keep coming up in Kenya. Some have a good reputation with a sustained longevity in the service but some are just new and may not withstand the market challenges. When going for a service it is good to read reviews online before committing anything. That way you save yourself unnecessary risks.

It may be advisable to have all these accounts ready since that way, if you have an emergency you can make a quick withdrawal via ePay Swift.

On the other hand, when withdrawing volumes of cash, you can use Equity or Payoneer due to the low commissions. We recommend the former.

All in all, these are the most efficient legit options by which you can withdraw your money from PayPal in Kenya without getting scammed.

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