Safaricom Masoko Online Shopping in Kenya Review

This Safaricom Masoko review, looks at key functional features and services that will answer some common Safaricom Masoko FAQs about the shopping process, payment and delivery procedure, general services.... At the end of this Safaricom Masoko review, you should be able to make up your mind whether to start, continue or quit shopping at Safaricom Masoko online shop. This Safaricom Masoko review is independent and this website is not owned by Safaricom neither is this review an outright endorsement of Safaricom Masoko services but rather an analytical look into the service.

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Masoko was founded in 2017 and is a privately held online shopping service by Kenya's telecommunication giant Safaricom. They operate in Kenya alone at the moment.

Masoko is a Swahili word for Markets. So if you speak Kiswahili, it obviously rings a bell that you are in a marketplace. Another good branding consistence from Safaricom's book!

Popular Product lines on Masoko

  • Supermarket: Here you will find the popular products at your local supermarket listed. These products can still be found stocked at your local supermarket. The advantage though would be the lower prices and discount offers that you would normally not get easily elsewhere. Plus during hectic shopping periods like weekends and big holidays like Christmas and Easter and others, it can be a life saver.
  • Phones & Tablets: This section stocks a variety of phones and tablets so if you are looking to get the latest gadget in town at a discount, this would be a great place. The phones and tablets come with great discount offers, warranties, repair and spare part replacement, and there is no chance that you will buy a fake or counterfeit phone or tablet.
  • Computers: There is a range of computers to choose from and a widespread customer protection. As you know, computers cost a lot and you don't want to waste money on something not worth the spend.
  • Electronics: Self explanatory, basically most of your home appliances are listed here.
  • Home & Living: Here you will find things related to your house like furniture, mattress, utensils, et cetera.
  • Beauty & Fashion: Products for makeup, skin care, clothes, you name it.
  • Baby & Kids: Basically things related to babies and children. From clothes, diapers, toys, and much more.
  • Books & Stationery: Yep! Basically that, books for everyone and stationery material.
  1. Masoko sign up & promotions 8/10
  2. Masoko Shopping Guide 9/10
  3. Extras & features 4/10
  4. Masoko Payment Options & Delivery 8/10
  5. Masoko Merchant Services 9/10
  6. User-friendliness of website & mobile app / mobile version 8/10
  7. Masoko Customer Service & Support, Security & Reliability 7/10
  8. Verdict on Safaricom Masoko 7.6/10

Masoko sign up & promotions 8/10

It is very easy to sign up to this marketplace. You can do it now or seamlessly while placing orders on Masoko online marketplace. To be able to save/add products to a wishlist though you will need to create an account and login.

When it comes to promotions, there are many ways to keep up. You can join their newsletter or mail list, login to your account or just visit the site or App to see the day's offers. There lots of discount offers running each day for both first time and returning customers.

Masoko Shopping Guide 9/10

Straight off you are going to get a very simple and straight forward marketplace at Masoko. For the price margins, you are looking over 5% though on the phones, electronics, and computers but in general popular products pricing averages at about 3.5%. If you compare them with other top online shopping shopping sites in Kenya like Kilimall and Jumia Kenya they still rank below.

It is one of the value packed online shopping platforms out there that you will find in Kenya, nonetheless it holds its own sort of middle of the pack title. The top product lines are clearly electronic and phones.

Landing on the homepage you get a revolution slider/banner with the latest shopping deals onsite. There is a list 'Deals of the Week' right below, and moving further down you'll find other popular product sections like mobile phones, sports & fitness ... with links to the extesive product categories. That aside, you will need to dig in to find other products by following the menu links or using the sitewide search bar.

The obvious sections at the footer include quick links to the terms, privacy policy, how to shop guide, FAQ, vendor platform, order tracking, account management, refund, shipping, and delivery policies links, plus a quick graphical presentation of payment gateways and partner brands.

There is no affiliate program so if you are looking to make money or promote anything from them, you will be greatly dissapointed.

As for summing up the value, it’s not bad, lots of spectacular features where they are going to put a strangle on the major online shops in Kenya. A huge save for them is that they do specialize in M-pesa payments, so no middlemen in there.

Extras & features 4/10

You are limited with extra features really. There is just nothing to for the buzz with Masoko. They just look to work on the basics though this might definitely change as they hold firm of the market after a few sucker punches here and there. I'd be watching out for something unique from them.

Masoko payment options & Delivery 8/10

payment options & Delivery

There is plenty of options for paying for items ordered at Safaricom Masoko . And the most of the payment can be made easily accross all tech devices, be it the mobile phones, tablets or PC.

The payment options range from VISA or Mastercard credit or debit cards, ofcourse the M-pesa mobile wallet, and you can also pay on delivery after receiving your products and confirming their condition.

However, you can still observe that Masoko still carries with it the market tag of wars with perceived competitors like Airtel money and other online payment gateways. That kind of limits some users who prefer other payment options and that might really work on them in the long run. No PayPal, no Skrill, name it! They are still new though and hopefully maybe more options will be included.

Masoko Merchant Services 9/10

You know the old adage; the early bird catches the worm. Yep! If you are a merchant, supplier or a maker of things in bulk, you definitely need to board the Masoko plane at its infant stage. They currently haven't gotten that big boy or rich baby with many toys attitude that maybe experienced with large brands. And they are basically looking to have more and more products listed at the marketplace. Because in the end, what's in a market without sellers?

They have trainings for merchants and this can be a new frontier for your business to expand. You really have to check that out.

User-friendliness of website & mobile app / mobile version 8/10

App and Site User Friendliness

The website actually has a very comfortable, user friendly feel about it all. It’s actually pretty nice to be on and to browse around and you can see that they are trying to keep things simple and are trying to play to those strengths. The site operates and that is a real plus.

Masoko Customer Service & Support, Security & Reliability 7/10

Customer Service

They push their online social media handles strogly so that will be a good port of call for you should you want to get into contact with Masoko. You can see that by the heavy strategic presence of social buttons at the site. You can also find help through their email support as well, which is done through an online form. There is a good support centre there so you can always browse through frequently asked questions too. There is also telephone support.

If you have contacted Safaricom before, then you can just relate to the experince. It kind of how it will be too at Masoko.

Masoko Advantages

Here are some of the pros of Safaricom Masoko online shopping service:

  • Great Value: Safaricom Masoko offers competitive prices on all of their over 10 million plus product range.
  • Wide Delivery Base: With sites in 3 languages, Safaricom Masoko ships to over 20 countries & regions around Africa.
  • Secure Platform: The Safaricom Masoko online shopping platform is tight secure. They use SSL certificates and other highly rated security tools in the business that encrypt data on their website. This makes the platform very secure from online interceptions meaning no one knows any of your personal info on Safaricom Masoko website.
  • Safe Payment: Pay with the world’s most popular and secure payment methods.
  • Strong Buyer Protection Policy: Most displaying advertising networks don’t give many options when it comes to placing ads. Not so with Safaricom Masoko . The service allows you to customize each ads color scheme as well as its placement on your website.
  • 24/7 Help Center: Safaricom Masoko round-the-clock assistance enables a smooth shopping experience as they can be reached on various platforms including social media.
  • Shop On-The-Go: If you Download the app for FREE you get the world of Safaricom Masoko a touch away at your fingertips.

Masoko Limitations

There aren’t many cons to using Safaricom Masoko . Yet the Kenyan online shopping mall does have a few. We look at each of these cons in greater detail below:

  • Heavy Loading Website: The fact is that the Safaricom Masoko website is so full of data especially images that it can really "eat your internet bundles". Because of the dynamic nature of eCommerce platform, it can really be tricky to utilize page caching as the pages keep changing to display real time data. However this appears to be solved with the Safaricom Masoko App which is fun to use and consumes little internet data. The App also gives your a personalised touch making it easy to save your favorite items, carry the Safaricom Masoko shop with you, ... among other things. If you do not have the App yet, why don't you download it here for FREE.
  • Stock Outs: We noticed that some popular products normally run out quickly making it dificult to save for later buys.
  • Though we are still in the process of reviewing Safaricom Masoko , should we find any other pressing issues be sure we will post it here. However you can still share your experience as a Safaricom Masoko customer in the comments section below and we would be glad to read them.

Who is Safaricom Masoko Best For?

Masoko is a decent online sopping service. It's great for:

  • People looking to save money on shopping as Safaricom Masoko products are cheaper.
  • If your are the busy bee type, Safaricom Masoko saves you the hustle of going into shopping malls to buy items. You just order on Safaricom Masoko and it gets delivered to your doorstep.
  • Folks looking to buy quality (not cheap counterfeits) products.
  • If you want to enjoy quality after-sale services like item repairs, free replacements for guaranteed products,... then you should buy from Safaricom Masoko online shopping mall.

Verdict on Safaricom Masoko

By vatue of ownership by one of East Africa largest brand, Safaricom there isn’t any reason not to give Masoko online shopping a try. Whether its just buying to test their praised services or downloading the App on your phone. Safaricom Masoko has lots of rewards for shoppers and new users alike. They are a reputable and legit service worth a shot.

Nonetheless, they still have a long road to travel inorder to catch the leading pack. Overall, an excellent online marketplace.

Masoko review

Overall Rating

 4.6/5.0 ★★★★★

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