How To Increase Twitter followers For Free

How To Increase Twitter followers For Free

Do you want to get followers on Twitter free? Do you want to increase Twitter followers for free, instantly or fast for business, personal gain…. Well, there is nothing like ‘instantly’ but ‘fast’ exists. Here is how to increase Twitter followers for free…. We do not sell Twitter followers.
Social media today is filled with… whatever you like. Some of us use it for business marketing, gossips, interacting with fans and friends… the list is endless. One of the most popular social social media after Facebook is Twitter. You should also get the idea that Twitter is more of like formal and Facebook is everything else. So for us in the business world, Twitter is our number one. The following tips will help you increase or get more followers on Twitter for free.

1. Tweet Well on Twitter
To get more followers on Twitter, you have to tweet well. You should know your audience, niche, and timing of events on Twitter. Your followers are not ready for tweets that fill their in boxes with crap. So get the quality of your Twitter content up. Also remember to tweet responsively in order to increase Twitter followers for free plus this is part of Twitter guidelines. Be interesting, professional,can, go on…. You know Twitter is for pros, right?

2. Complete Twitter Profile
With online scams, nobody wants to follow what they do not know on Twitter. Your business or personal Twitter account profile info should be complete. Businesses should consider adding their company or organization’s official logo for their Twitter avatar (photo). The bio info should also be complete with a link to the business website, Facebook fan page (if any)….
For personal Twitter accounts, include the real photo of your face or half body. Photos on the Twitter avatar should be standard (neither small nor big). Also all Twitter avatars should be expandable (don’t worry on this since the Twitter wizard does it for you). Your bio info should also be complete & true. This ways, you will get more Twitter followers since your followers (the doubting Thomas) know what they are following.

3. Create Twitter Hash tags
Since you tweet well and have a nicely completed Twitter profile, you are a pro. A genius! And we like that, that we are soon going to follow you on Twitter. How will we get into the mix? Well, create a popular, trendy hashtags on Twitter.
Hashtags help you connect with people of similar interests on Twitter. For example, if you are a sports enthusiast, you can create a Twitter hash tag like ‘summer Olympics’, ‘FIFA world cup flops’, ‘who will win the world cup’…. This way you increase your presence on Twitter and interested people will start being your followers on Twitter.

4. Repeat your Popular Tweets
Has it been a while since you pulled that viral tweet? You should always form a habit of repeating your popular tweets on Twitter. Since with time you record an increase in Twitter followers, chances are that your new Tweeps did not see your popular tweets. Also your old Twitter followers would love that moment again. Popular tweets get retweeted and and you followers tweeps see it become interested in also following you on Twitter. Make an effort, this can really increase your Twitter followers fast.

5. Get Followers from your Business or Profession
Are you a business person, radio/tv personality, teacher,…the list is…hahaha! Endless. If you want to increase your Twitter followers fast, you already have a free market. Encourage people to follow you on Twitter from your blog/website(if you have one) by placing a link to your Twitter account.
For the media people, why no publicize your Twitter account and get followers on Twitter. And for you teachers… you can use any other means available for your Twitter business. Wait! This is funny. If I was a doctor, I would have all my patients to be my Twitter followers and if I was a Teacher, I would punish all the students who did not follow me on Twitter. Hehehehe…!

6. Get your Facebook Fans on Twitter
Do you have fans on your Facebook fan page? Have you ever thought that you could actually increase followers on Twitter fast from Facebook. Yes, you can. Just post a link of your twitter page on your Facebook fan page to notify your fans that you are also on Twitter. If you are ‘that person’, everyone will want to follow you on Twitter.

7. Follow Popular Pages and Twitter Celebrities
This is another tactic you can apply to increase your followers on Twitter fast and free. Follow celebs and popular pages on Twitter, get to know what they are up to, how they trend… then even tweet them or create a hash tag of it and you will be shocked with the sudden increase in Twitter following. There is a 99% that followers of these popular pages and celebs on Twitter will notice you, your tweets and hashtags. And again if you tweet “well”, the number of your Twitter followers will increase.

8. Go Raw
Who said that to increase Twitter followers you have dwell online alone? There are other means offline that will get you more followers on Twitter. You can get people to follow you on Twitter by word of mouth, put your Twitter address on your business cards, newspaper ads etc. Go raw to increase Twitter followers.

9. Host Competitions for your Twitter Followers
Another way to increase Twitter followers is by hosting competitions on your Twitter page or account. Competitions on Twitter can be about anything. This tactic is very effective if you have a business or you want to market a product. Or if you just need more followers on Twitter. For example, a sports business can offer a competition for a signed sports label to people who follow or tweet them. Think about your own competition that will get you more followers on Twitter.

10. Comments & Questions
The final bomb. Ask questions or quizzes and tweet them or create hashtags. And also make popular or controversial (but again be responsive in your approach) comments on Twitter. Every person who is interested in your madness will follow you and respond to your quiz, question or comment. This way, you increase followers on Twitter.

11. Do Not Buy Followers on Twitter
Do not fall prey to these Twitter scams and scammers. It is true that some people are making a killing selling Twitter followers. They promise instant results. Remember we said, there is nothing like ‘instant’ when looking to get more Twitter followers. Results can only be fast and not ‘instant’. Stay away! Every quality and good service or achievement online is worked for and comes naturally, this is what quality means. If you buy Twitter followers, you loose those followers the same way (if you do not renew your subscription). Or you will just be cheated and robbed off your money. Increase followers on Twitter naturally and free.

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