How To Increase your Alexa Ranking Quickly

How To Increase your Alexa Ranking Quickly

Every site/blog owner would like to know how to increase Alexa ranking quickly, so as to sell their website, improve Search engine rank …. Today, this article will highlight some ways on how to increase Alexa rank fast for your site or blog.

1. Site Content
The first step to increase Alexa rank is to write quality content for your site. As you will notice, Alexa ranking increases with traffic. Your site/blog content should be original and unique on the internet to attract traffic fast, and hence increase Alexa ranking quickly.

2. Site Submissions
To improve your site’s Alexa ranking, you should submit it to the internet. After publishing good content, create a site map of all the pages on your site. Then submit the site map to top search engines like Google, Yahoo … to notify the of your site in order to get a ranking on their search results fast. You can also submit your website/blog to popular web directories.

3. Site Hosting Uptime
After being on the internet for at least 3 months, Alexa will start ranking your site. To ensure that you improve your Alexa rank fast, your site must always be up and running. This can be achieved by hosting your site/blog with a reputable web host. A steady uptime equals a steady increase in Alexa site rank.

4. Search Robots
This is a common mistake on many websites. Check or ensure that your website does not have the no-follow tags. Although this is a good practice to use the nofollow tag, using it on important traffic targeted site pages will make those pages inaccessible by search robots and hence no search ranking. To increase Alexa ranking quickly, remove these tags on important search traffic targeted pages.

5. Create Backlinks to your Site
This is to increase the site traffic and Alexa ranking. Learn more about backlinks and how to create them.

6. Finally, practice the general Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. You can find some relevant articles from the links on this page and others.

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