How to Make money with Google AdSense on YouTube

If you do not have a website and you are wondering how you can make money with AdSense, then why not become a partner at YouTube. Then upload videos that can be very popular (get many views). After then, place your AdSense ads on them and each time a viewer views the ads, you earn money with Google AdSense.

You must follow the Google Adsense Policies very strictly because violation of any form will result in a permanent ban of your Google Adsense account and all of the money you have in your account will not be forfeited.

Here are the steps for making money With Google Adsense on YouTube:

Step 1: Firstly, create a new Google Account, but if you already have one then sign in with it. Go to YouTube, and click on YouTube Setting.

click on youtube settings

Step 2: Create a new channel if you do not have one already, to start your Youtube Partnership Program with Google Adsense.

Create a new yOUtUBE channel

Step 3: Name your YouTube Channel and select a category of your channel.

name your YouTube Channel and select the category

Step 4: Make your YouTube channel more appealling by adding your Image Logo and channel art. Also add a description for your channel. One tool that can help you with that is Canva.

Make your YouTube channel more appealling

Step 5: Now go to your YouTube Channel settings and click on “view additional features”.

View Additional Features

Step 6: Verify your YouTube Channel for you to participate in the YouTube Partnership Program and monetization with Google Adsense. On the left sidebar go to “status and features” and "verify" your Youtube channel.

Verify Your YouTube Channel

Step 7: After verification, Set your Country location in the “Advance“ tab and save changes made.

Set your Country location

Step 8: Enable your YouTube account for Monetization with Google AdSense by going to “Status and Features” then click on “Enable My Account”

enable YouTube Monetization

Tick the all the "YouTube Monetization with Google Adsense Program" terms and click on “I accept”.

Step 9: Click on “Got it” to continue to Google AdSense.

Click on Got it

Then move to Monetization in the Channel tab and click on “association with Adsense account” to redirect to Google Adsense as captured below:

associate YouTube with Google Adsense

Now click On “Next button” to move on the further steps to Google Adsense Sign Up process.

Step 10: Click on “Sign In” to login to your Google Adsense account or "create account" to create one (that is if you don't have one yet).

Make Money With Google Adsense Without Website on YouTube

Step 11:Finally complete by filling the form completely with correct information since Google AdSense will send you your earnings to this address. When done, “Submit Your Application” and wait for approval.

Submit Google Adsense Application

The AdSense team usually take 1-3 days to approve accounts. After approval into their system now all you have to do is create more quality videos and upload them to your YouTube channel. Serve Ads and make money with Google AdSense.