14 Free High PR Article Submission sites List 2023

14 Free High PR Article Submission sites List 2023


See the list of FREE high PR article submission sites 2023 below. Each of the sites in the list have been carefully reviewed before being included in our top rated list. Feel free to try at least 3 of the sites or bookmark this page for future use.

Content marketing by way of submitting articles online is one of the sure ways to create high authority follow backlinks to your site. But article submission can be more than that if you do it right. It can be an open window to target a new audience, increase subscribers (email or social), increase traffic, and ultimately create an opportunity to network with other top influencers in your niche.

Before you start submitting your articles to the article submission sites, it is important to have strong reasons for doing so rather than publishing your content on your own blog or website. If it’s a case of you not having a blog of your own; that can be fixed in minutes. These days you can literally set up a website in minutes and start writing online on just about anything.

To help get you off the blocks, we have listed some of the best free article submission sites you can try out below.

14 Free High PR Article Submission sites 2023

Free High PR Article Submission sites

Below is a list of FREE high PR article submission sites 2023:

  1. eHow
    eHow has the highest PageRank among article submission sites, 8. When it comes to eHow, you need to provide content in the form of how-to articles which does restrict its use. The website already has over a million articles online. And on top of that, it’s completely free to use!
  2. Wiki How
    Perhaps the most authority site of all the free high pr article submission websites herein. Wiki How operates in the same way as eHow above. It has how-to wikis that attracts contributors from different niches. There are many how-to articles that get started daily. If you have a how-to article that has not been written, you can submit it on Wiki How and under citations and sources you can add one or two links back to your websites. However you need to ensure that you link to relevant high quality content to avoid the links being removed.
  3. Ezine Articles
    Ezine Articles remains at the top of the pile by virtue of enjoying a PageRank of 6 from Google. The website has become a comprehensive source of articles available for your reading pleasure online. It is a great platform for marketers to post their content. The best thing about using Ezine Articles is that it is completely free to use. So, despite the high PageRank among article submission websites and the ability to add two text links per article, you don’t have to pay a dime for posting articles here.
  4. Articles Base
    Articles Base is another top article submission site where you can upload your articles for free and make them available to a large audience. Another one of the top high pr article submission sites, with a PageRank of 6.
  5. Search Warp
    Search Warp is similar to Ezine Articles in the sense that it is also a free website for submitting articles. It also has a high PageRank, 5. The added advantage you gain by using Search Warp is adding 3 text links per page you upload to the directory. This makes it one of the top article submission websites you can use for free.
  6. WikiQuit
    WikiQuit allows you to write articles about quiting anything. When you write, you can add in a few links there linking to great articles on your website. It is absolutely free to join and has a pr of 6.
  7. Squidoo
    Squidoo is one of those article submission sites that allows you to write articles about anything you want. These articles are referred to as lenses. When you write lenses you can put in a few links there linking to great articles on your website. Squidoo is absolutely free to join and has a pr of 6. There is no reason as to why you should not submit your article on Squidoo.
  8. Hubpages
    Hubpages is similar to Squidoo. Hub Pages uses a somewhat different approach to the common article submission websites you can use. While it is free to use and has a PageRank of 6, you can create ‘Hubs’ which are essentially themes or subjects based on which you upload content from time to time. This way you can create a hub for your niche and keep uploading articles for free.
  9. She Told Me
    She Told Me is another player in the article submission websites field that operates like Hubpages and Squidoo. It is pretty direct and has no fancy naming for articles or something of the like. Here you just start new articles and through in a few quality links in there. She Told Me is great platform for article marketers.
  10. Simpy
    Simpy is a social media bookmarking website that has taken off in the article submission sites world and is gaining popularity and building a good reputation online.
  11. Triond
    Triond is a venture that gives one the opportunity to submit articles to their high pr website for free. You just write a good article and reap the benefits that come with article submission websites such as backlinks, traffic, … et cetera.
  12. Article Muse
    They are best known as a worldwide news directory; something that makes them operate in an exact opposite way from the common article submission sites we know. However, it has been dormant for some while now though a very good free high PageRank article submission site.
  13. How hub
    Howhub targets certain valuable keywords plus their effective discussions make it the go-to engaging platform. Another of the few free high pr article submission sites to check out.
  14. Digital Point Forum
    If you are a webmaster, Digital Point Forum presents you with an opportunity to start conversations on just about anything. It operates differently from other article submission sites since it is more of a forum.
  15. Info Barrel
    Infobarrel is an immensely popular article sharing platform for publishers as well as writers. With more than 120,000 registered individuals, it has definitely made a mark in the article submission arena.

And that was our list of FREE high PR article submission sites for 2023. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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