Web Hosting Companies

Web Hosting is simply act of habouring a domain on a computer server and make it visible to the internet through the World Wide Web(WWW). Anyone can host a domain on their computer but since the process of maintenance may be tedious putting in consideration factors such as power outages, virus attack, loss of files, hackers, malwares, computer breakdowns, and other expenses associated with web hosting, one can rent a web hosting service. Companies that offer such maintenance services are known as web hosting companies.

Web Hosting Companies and services

In a nutshell, since maintaining a personal server very expensive, many people opt to pay(rent) for web hosting services. Web hosting companies are normally paid for on a monthly basis with some companies billing their customers monthly or yearly. However due to the expenses associated with web hosting, most companies bill their customers on an annual term. That is to say, when you buy a web hosting service you are largely required to pay for the whole year which is renewable when the term expires. There are different hosting services offered by web hosts that you can buy.

Web Hosting Services

There are numerous services offered by web hosting companies. The choice of a service is determined by a lot of factors such as the type of business, website content, design, traffic, among others. These services are normally packages in different ways. For example there is:

1. Shared Hosting

2. Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

3. Dedicated Hosting

4. Green Hosting

5. Reseller Hosting

6. Free Hosting

What Makes a Good Hosting Company?