Popcash Review 2017 - Earnings, CPM Rates vs AdSense

Popcash review 2017, reviews key functional features and services that will answer some common Popcash FAQs about the sign up process, Popcash Earnings, Ads, payment and payout procedure, advertiser and publishers options.... At the end of this Popcash review, you should be able to make a judgement whether to start, continue or quit publishing or advertising with Popcash.

Note: This Popcash review is independent. This Popcash review is only an analytical review of Popcash's services and not an endorsement. Signing up for Popcash is under your own free will and discretion.

Popcash review 2017


Popcash PPC was founded in 2003 and is as old as the world's best Ad Network for publishers, Google AdSense. Popcash has risen to be among the best cpm Ad Networks in the world today. Popcash currently has thousands of advertisers as well as publishers that use their services.

Popcash for Advertisers

Popcash is a perfect alternative to Google AdWords for advertisers. They are cheaper and advertising starts from as low as $5 among other offers. The following are some Popcash enticing features for advertisers:

  • Customizable Ads (you can design your own ads).
  • Many Ad formats and types to select.
  • Ads Geo-targeting.
  • Bid for specific sites you want your Ads to appear on.
  • Sending your Ads to targeted publisher website mail lists.
  • You can also promote your other listings from sites like Amazon, Ebay....
  • Get a throwback for invalid clicks.

Signing up as an advertiser on Popcash is free. Advertising will cost you as low as $5 and you will get other offers. .

Popcash for Publishers

For web publishers (bloggers, website owners, ...) Popcash is one of the great ways to monetize you website or blog. When you paste the Ads HTML codes to your site or blog and each time a visitor to your website clicks on the Popcash Ads, you earn from the clicks and also from the impressions.

Popcash customize the Ads that show on your web pages to make then blend for greater conversions. There are many ad formats and types you can select from. The Ad types include banners, text-link ads, photo-text ads, interstitial Ads... including Email Pay-Per-Click Ads. Below is a toolbar earnings summary displaying the Ad types by Popcash.


Popcash Earnings, Payout & Payment Methods

Popcash VS AdSense