Get your Business Online with a Full Service Linux Web Host

HostPapa is an affordable linux web hosting company considering that their packages start at only $3.95/mo. Their primary advantage in the business is their strong specialized hosting services that are competitively prized compared to other industry players.

All Web hosting companies basically sell the same thing – a server for your weblogs – and each host offer different plans with different caps, bonuses, and prices. For most, figuring out their true value requires a breakdown of the web hosting packages offered.

Comparing “apples to apples” among hosting companies, it is advisable to break things down into Core hosting and Bonus hosting features.

The Core hosting features are the “3 D’s” – domains, databases and disk space. The core purpose of a hosting server is to serve website files when someone types in your domain name.

  • Domains are the number of domain names you can point to your hosting account. If you want multiple websites, you’ll want to have multiple domains allowed. You’ll also need to look at email addresses per domain – sometimes those are capped as well.
  • Databases are the number of website software you can run on your hosting server. A WordPress install for instance will require one database. If you have any apps, forum software, ... etc – you’ll need more.
  • Disk space is the number of web files you can put on your server – images, text, videos, ebooks, etc.
  • Bonus hosting features could include anything from website builder software to advertising credits to backend software,... you name it.

When you break it down, you can at least compare apples to apples and get a sense of value based on what you need verses what is offered by a web hosting provider. HostPapa gives you just that with their spread Linux hosting packages that are super fast based on customer reviews.

Here we review HostPapa Linux hosting packages and their pricing dynamics to help you get just want you want:

HostPapa Review: Linux Hosting

If you are a first-time website owner or an experienced programmer who just looks to get this project up and running, then HostPapa Linux hosting is the solution for you. But not just that, if you are into open source projects and need to get your project up and running in seconds, then their platfrom which has been dubed the best Linux hosting platform, allows you to do just that 1-click away. You only have to worry about doing what you do best, creating the best site or product, and they worry about the technical stuff! Their top rated hosting services, resources, and support guarantees you a successful launch. And that's precisely why someone would want to buy a linux web hosting plan compared to other servers. Below are some things to bank on with a HostPapa Linux hosting account:

  • $200 Google AdWords, Yahoo/Bing, and FaceBook Ad credits
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • FREE Website Migration*
  • 99.99% Uptime guarantee
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Shopping carts/eCommerce support
  • CMSs like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla ... etc
  • Security tools like SSL Certificates
  • Hundreds of free web templates and site buiding tools
  • 30 days money-back guarantee among others. Meaning you can cancel your order within 30 days and get a refund should you not like their service.

HostPapa Linux hosting has only three plans ("Starter", "Business" and "Business Pro") with terms running upto 3 years which is pretty much direct and helps one to save big.

The three plans come with lower intro pricing and the "Business" is a higher plan best suited for small business and already established sites with traffic while the "Business Pro" is best for eCommerce sites.

NOTE: The prices show a special discount for the lowest plan today

Duration Price Total
12 Months $5.95/mo $71.40
24 Months ( 2 years) $4.95/mo $118.80
36 Months (3 years) $3.95/mo $142.20
HostPapa Shared Hosting Pricing
Money Back Guarantee
30 Days
Files Disk Space
Site Bandwidth
Domain Name
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So Why Choose Linux Hosting?

Just like Windows XP and Mac OS X, Linux is an operating system. An operating system is a software that manages the communication between your software and your hardware.

Linux is popular because there are many free versions and it consumes less resources than Windows operating system. Most popular web hosting control panel, cPanel, runs on Linux. Also, WordPress and other PHP web applications run well on Linux.

Linux offers a lower cost of development than Windows XP and Mac OS X because most web hosts use a free version of Linux. Linux, as an open source operating system, is friendly and versatile for its users; if a problem is found such as a security flaw, anyone with the skills can fix it and send out the patch. Linux is also features a command-line interface which doesn't waste a lot of system resources. Thus, with 32 or 64 MB of RAM a Linux machine can still run multiple programs with perfect stability. Also, as a Linux user you will have the backup and shared experience of a very active and supportive community of users.

HostPapa Pros

Here are some of the pros of HostPapa web hosting service:

  • You get a free domain name for a year included with your purchase.
  • Affordable hosting plan: for only $3.95 monthly, you will get a hosting plan that includes all the necessary features that is needed to start and run a successful small website.
  • Drag & Drop site builder: this tool is perfect for newbies, who are looking to build a website, but have no experience though. The site builder allows you to quickly create a custom webpage, publish content, upload images, create slideshows and galleries, create a contact form and publish it online, without the need of writing a single line of code.
  • The security features on HostPapa are just excellent.
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction: with the 30-Day money back guarantee offered by HostPapa, you have enough time to test and have a good view on their service and support. Please note that domain price will be deducted from the amount of refund. Check HostPapa’s terms to see how how the refund works.
  • Free marketing credits: each new hosting plan includes $100 Google Adwords credits and $100 Yahoo/Bing network advertising credits, that you can spend driving traffic to your newly created website. This will be a good boost for building up your brand and make your first sales.
  • The enhanced cPanel is really easy to use and offers fast access to features.
  • Numerous databases available, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, CGI-BIN, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby on Rails, and much more.
  • Tons of free website scripts are available, including social networking scripts, blog support, mailing lists, message forums, Joomla and Drupal and many more.
  • Most customers report that HostPapa is fast. Integrate with CloudFlare, and you’ll get even better performance.

HostPapa Cons

Spoilt Choices: sometimes their many services ay leave a client spoilt for choice but then again the many choices give you freedom to choose. What seems like a burden, may actually turn out as strength.

Installing Your Favorite CMS to HostPapa

HostPapa review: quick install

HostPapa’s Quick Install tool enables you to automatically install your favorite software to your domain. This tab contain the most used content management, blogging and eCommerce platforms (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Concrete 5, Magento eCommerce, OS Ticket, phpBB Forum, B2Evolution blog, PrestaShop eCommerce). If you prefer other software, just click the QuickInstall icon in the control panel and you will be able to choose from hundreds of software including Moodle, ZenCart, Sugar CRM, Modx, Nucleus, Typo 3, Xoops, MediaWiki, and many others.

This tool will help you to install the latest version of many software with just few clicks. It will save you time and effort, because you don’t need to manually create the database and upload the files to your server, everything will be done automatically.

What Control Panel Platform Does HostPapa Use?

HostPapa review: cpanel service

Your hosting account is managed through customized cPanel control panel. After your first login into your HostPapa hosting account, you can choose cPanel to manage your websites, emails etc. It is the same cPanel that you are used to using on other cPanel hosting providers, with all the same features, just a bit customized by HostPapa.

Does HostPapa Offer Free Webmail Access?

HostPapa is a well-known hosting company that offers various services from domain registration through web hosting service to email hosting.

Often we run into the same question, so we wanted to clarify this. We have been asked if HostPapa offers webmail access. In short, Yes! HostPapa does offer access to webmail through their platform.

What is Webmail and Why Should You Use It?

HostPapa hosting services offer lots of features to its clients, including webmail access. The Webmail is a web-based email solution, which allows the user to access email account through a web browser.

In most of the cases people choose to send and receive emails using an email client such as Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Opera Mail or other. But setting up an email account with your favorite email client is normally a long and tedious task. For instance, if you are using multiple devices for work and want to have access to your email on each device, you will need to install the email client and setup email on each and every device. The webmail application just saves you from all the hassle, and grants you access instantly to your emails.

With HostPapa webmail you will be able to perform the same tasks like with any email client. The only difference is that you will be able to read and write email from your web browser. You will also have to remember your email address and password in order to login from FireFox, Chrome, Opera or your favorite browser.

So if you want to have access to your emails on the go, a webmail is definitely a good solution to read and send emails securely.

The main advantages of using WebHostingHub webmail are:

  • A more personal image: the WebMail allows you to have an email address using your domain name. Stand out from the Gmail and Yahoo crowd by giving yourself a unique, memorable email address at your own personal domain. For example,
  • Protect your information: WebMail protects your credit card information, social security number, address, and other private information from falling into the wrong hands. Its advanced filter protects your identity from hackers, potentially saving you thousands.
  • No invasion of privacy: Free email providers like Gmail and Yahoo scan every word of every email that you send and receive, then they sell that information to advertisers. Have peace of mind knowing that your emails stay yours, and yours alone.
  • No phishing or spoofing: Free email accounts are targeted daily by hackers who try to trick you into giving up your most sensitive information. HostPapa WebMail blocks these threats to stop them from ever appearing, leaving you with an inbox of only the email you want to see.

All in all, HostPapa offers feature-rich services when it comes to webmails. Their webmail application will make it easy for everyone to access and manage their emails from anywhere in a securely manner. If you are looking for a reliable hosting that offers an easy to use webmail App, HostPapa should obviously be on top of your list.

HostPapa Security Features

Security is an area where HostPapa excels. You get three layers of anti-spam protection in the form of Spam Experts, Spam Hammer, and Apache Spam Assassin. You get protection for your inbox as well; it is easy to set up filters. Your directories are all password-protected.

If you need to block access to your site, you have the option to blacklist IP addresses. Another top-notch feature is secure shell (SSH) access. This allows you to access configuration files individually and securely.

HostPapa also offers single-click integration with CloudFlare, which provides even more excellent security features and speeds up your site! CloudFlare is particularly good for thwarting DDOS attacks.

Is HostPapa Eco-Friendly?

HostPapa servers are powered by wind energy making them eco-friendly. For those of you who like to conserve our environment, HostPapa Hosting has you covered.

HostPapa Support

The HostPapa customer support are World-class and well committed to supporting every client at every step of their needs. They offer a hand-ons approach in technical assistance especially in the web creation and maintenance areas.

They can be contacted 24/7 via Phone, Live Chat, Twitter, and Email Ticket system. Their response time is less than a minute.

HostPapa review

Overall Rating

 4.7/5.0 ★★★★★

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