How To Get Backlinks From Facebook

This is how to get backlinks from Facebook. Facebook is the largest online social media and it has a pagerank of more than 7. As we all know, if you get backlinks from higher pagerank sites like Facebook, you get quality in SEO and hence a higher ranking. So this is how we are going to get backlinks from Facebook. For those without a Facebook account, sign up is free.
Done!? We will now learn how to get backlinks on Facebook in four ways;

1. Share Links on Facebook
When you log in to your Facebook account the first thing is to share what's on your mind on Facebook. This is the first way to get backlinks from facebook. How?
After logging in your Facebook account, in the "What's on your mind" dialog box, type in the link to your site as; ''
Then click on "share" and the link will be created on Facebook.
2. Create a Facebook Fan Page
You can also get backlinks from Facebook using a Facebook fan page. This is where you interact with your fans on Facebook. To create a Facebook fan page, just go to pages and add or create a page. On this page you include a link to your website. And those are backlinks.
3. Comment on Facebook Walls
Facebook walls are accounts or pages created by other Facebook users. For example, if your site is about cars, you can find Facebook fan pages about cars.Then comment on their content. On the comment section, you can include a link to your website.
4. Get Backlinks from Facebook Profile Page
Finally, to save you all the hustle, you can get backlinks by just editing your Facebook profile info. On the section where they ask for website, type in your site's URL or address then save changes. Alaaaas! You have created backlinks on Facebook.

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