100+ Free Video Sharing Sites like YouTube - 2019 List

See the list of free follow high pr PPT submission sites 2019 below. Each of the sites in the list have been carefully reviewed before being included in our top rated list. Feel free to try at least 5 of the sites or bookmark this page for future use.

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10 Best Free High pr PPT submission sites List

Below is a table with some of the best PPTs submission sites for 2019:

PPT Submission ListSubmit Site
1SlideshareVisit Now >>
2PowershowVisit Now >>
3AuthorstreamVisit Now >>
4FiledropperVisit Now >>
5zippyshareVisit Now >>
6MegafileuploadVisit Now >>
7NerdgraphVisit Now >>
8SendspaceVisit Now >>
9WikiuploadVisit Now >>
10MediafireVisit Now >>

No doubt, YouTube is #1 video sharing site on the Web, even more popular than TV. When people need to share a video, this is the first site coming to their mind. Although, YouTube policy is very strict, especially copyright issues. For example, it prohibits users to upload duplicate, explicit, third-party content without owner’s permission. So if YouTube doesn’t accept your video file, you may upload it to your own site in Flash or HTML5 compatible formats. Alternatively, you can address other video sharing sites to publish your videos. Let’s have a look at 7 most popular video hostings apart YouTube.

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1. Vimeo


Monthly audience: 130,000,000 visitors

Account types: free, Plus ($59.95/yr), PRO ($199/yr)

Vimeo.com is a fast-growing platform with a quite serious traffic. Unlike YouTube, Vimeo mostly holds prof-looking videos and has three options for its users: a basic account with limitations and two paid ones with advanced options and bigger space. Here are the principle differences between free and paid accounts.

Vimeo accounts

As you see, Vimeo Plus or Pro accounts suit you perfectly if you are professionally involved into video editing or need to sell your videos. The only thing that you may not like about Vimeo is a lower number of views compared to YouTube.

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2. Dailymotion


Monthly audience: 100,000,000 visitors

Account type: free

Dailymotion is a French video-sharing website that allows users to view, upload, browse videos by searching tags, categories, channels, or user-created groups. Dailymotion offers a wide range of random video content: from funny animal videos to serious political reportages. If you want to upload your video to Dailymotion, you should remember that length of the video files is limited to 2 GB and 60 minutes. Also the upload quality to regular users is limited to 1280*720p. However, these restrictions don’t seem a real trouble, and Dailymotion can be a good alternative to YouTube.

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3. Twitch


Monthly audience: 100,000,000 visitors

Account types: free, Turbo ($8.99/month)

Twitch is a video site for gamers. Here people broadcast themselves playing or talking about games while others watch them either live or via archived footage. You can also broadcast or archive your gameplay, chat with other gamers and join various gaming communities. The free account comes with advertising on videos. If you want to remove it, consider going Turbo. Here are more options open to Turbo subscribers:

Twitch Turbo

Unlike Turbo users, free ones can store their live videos on Twitch for 14 days only. Twitch has a complicated system of broadcasting, still it’s a nice idea to use it for sharing your gaming videos. Please note that Twitch supports recording in MP4 format. If your files come in another extension, check this guide to change them to MP4.

4. LiveLeak


Monthly audience: 45,000,000 visitors

Account type: free

LiveLeak is a UK-based video sharing website that lets users publish videos. Although LiveLeak is majorly oriented to politics, war, and other world events, users are free to post any content they want if it doesn’t violate the website policy. For example. it’s prohibited to upload any advertising media, music (unless you are the copyright holder), videos showing criminal activity, etc. The ideal for LiveLeak video should contain sufficient factual background information or news value.



Monthly audience: 15,000,000 visitors

Account type: free

Veoh is an Internet television service that hosts studio content, independent productions and user-generated material. Once signed in to Veoh, you can upload videos of any length and embed them on your site or blog. Veoh accepts hundreds of different formats and has an extensive community for you to participate in. You may get in touch with other people, rate your favorite videos, leave comments and discuss the videos in channels and forums.

6. Break


Monthly audience: 14,000,000 visitors

Account type: free

Break is a highly popular website mainly known for funny videos, clips, and funny pictures. Break accepts major video formats, such as AVI, WMV, MPG and MOV. All videos must be no bigger than 60MB. Break provides its users with three ways to upload videos: right from the site page, from your cellphone or you may send a video to Break via email. It’s also possible to add a photo album in JPG, BMP or PNG formats as an addition to your video.

7. Metacafe


Monthly audience: 12,500,000 visitors

Account type: free

Metacafe is a video-sharing website with millions of short videos. The categories are quite different: video games, sports, music, movies, and TV. The website features a special ranking algorithm that ensures that the uploaded videos are of high quality. Each video can be uploaded only once. One advantage of Metacafe is that it pays people for posting videos. If your content is popular among users and your video hit 20,000 views, Metacafe will pay you $5 for every 1,000 views. This is a good motivation for making cool videos, isn’t it?

More Websites to Post Videos

  • Vine is a website with tons of interesting 6 second looped videos;
  • StupidVideos presents funny and stupid videos from around the web and TV;
  • Ustream (from $99/month) is a video streaming service for business owners and media;
  • Flickr is Yahoo!’s service to host your images and videos;
  • Facebook and Instagram accept user-generated videos;
  • CollegeHumor is one of the most popular comedy sites with tons of funny videos.

Other Video Sites without Upload Option

  • Vevo is largest site to watch music videos, premieres, and concerts;
  • Hulu is number 1 destination to view TV shows, episodes, series, online movies;
  • Netflix provides the biggest depository of on-demand movies and TV shows;
  • Vudu is another popular place to rent movies and TV shows,
  • Crackle stores indy and off-beat TV shows and movies which you can’t find on TV;
  • Viewster offers a wide range of ad-supported free TV shows and movies;
  • TV.com hosts English-language shows, episodes, reviews and more;
  • ABC is a home for various entertaining shows, comedies, series, etc.

We hope this post helped you find the most approriate video site to publish your videos or discover others’ ones. Feel free to share your all-time favorites in the comments below.

Video hosting services are websites or software which allow users to distribute their video clips. Other kinds of websites such as file hosting services, image hosting services and social network services might support video sharing as an enhancement to their primary mission, but in general they are not listed here. Many services have options for private sharing and other publication options. Video hosting services can be classified into several categories, among them: user-generated video sharing websites, video sharing platform / white label providers and web-based video editing. Websites that are solely search engines and do not host their video content (such as Singingfish) are not included. Some services may charge a fee, but most are available for free. Some websites offer commercialization features, such as partnership programs and the ability for users to offer pay-per-view for their videos. User generated sites mostly offer free services whereby users can upload video clips and share them with the masses. Many sites place restrictions on the file size, duration, subject matter and format of the uploaded video file. Many sites do not allow inappropriate content though each site makes judgment calls on what qualifies as inappropriate content, usually via its Terms of Service information. Some sites provide access control to adult material where the user must verify that they are of adult age. Some sites screen all their content before it is published and others approve first and use community features to filter out inappropriate content "after-the-fact." AcFun Yes Chinese China Aparat Yes Persian Iran Most popular video hosting website in Iran. Archive.org Yes United States AfreecaTV Yes Korean South Korea Bilibili Yes Chinese China The most popular ACG video hosting website in China. Blip.tv No United States Defunct as of August 2015 per Wikipedia page/article. BitChute Yes United States Uses peer to peer technology BlogTV No United States Break.com Yes United States Buzznet Yes United States Comedy.com Yes United States Commons.wikimedia.org Yes 287 languages United States 95,724 videos as of 1 March 2017[1] Dailymotion Yes France Daum Yes Korean South Korea EngageMedia Yes Germany ExpoTV Yes United States Facebook Yes United States Video since 2007 Flickr Yes United States Video since 2008 Fotki Yes Estonia Frequency Yes United States Funnyordie.com Yes United States Funshion Yes Chinese China Gfycat Yes English United States Short content only. GoodnessTv Yes French & English Canada GodTube Yes United States Formerly tangle.com LeTV Yes Chinese China LiveLeak Yes United States Mefeedia Yes United States Metacafe Yes United States Mevio No United States Myspace Yes United States MyVideo No German Germany MUZU.TV No Ireland Naver Yes Korean South Korea Nico Nico Douga Yes Japanese Japan OneWorldTV Yes United States Openfilm No United States Shut down per Wikipedia page/article. Ora TV Yes United States Photobucket Yes United States Pixorial No United States Shut down July 2014 per Wikipedia page/article. QQ Video Yes Chinese China Popular video hosting site by Tencent. Rediff Yes English, Indian Australia Rumble Yes Canada RuTube Yes Russian Russia Sapo Videos Yes Portuguese Portugal SchoolTube Yes United States ScienceStage No Germany Sevenload No Germany SmugMug Yes United States Tape.tv Yes Ireland Music video sharing only Trilulilu Yes Romanian Romania TroopTube No United States US DOD Military OneSource communications platform. Closed in 2011. Tudou Yes Chinese China Twitch Yes United States formerly known as TwitchTV TV UOL Yes Portuguese(Brazilian) Brazil Over 1,000,000 videos (January 2014) Vbox7 Yes Bulgarian Bulgaria Veoh Yes United States Acquired by Qlipso in 2010. Viddler Yes United States Enterprise video hosting Viddsee Yes Singapore Specializes in short films from Asia Videolog No Portuguese United States Vidyard Yes United States Vimeo Yes United States Privacy controls, engagement analytics, video marketing tools VK Yes Russia Wistia Yes United States Youku Yes Chinese China YouTube Yes United States Largest and most popular video sharing website in the world Zing.vn Yes Vietnamese Vietnam Adult content Pornhub Yes RedTube Yes xHamster Yes Xtube Yes XVideos Yes YouPorn Yes Tube8 Yes PornMD