Bidvertiser Review 2018 - Earnings, Rates, Bidvertiser vs AdSense

Bidvertiser review 2018, reviews key functional features and services that will answer some common Bidvertiser FAQs about the sign up process, Ads, payment and payout procedure, advertiser and publishers options.... At the end of this Bidvertiser review, you should be able to make a judgement whether to start, continue or quit publishing or advertising with Bidvertiser.

Note: This Bidvertiser review is independent. This Bidvertiser review is only an analytical review of Bivertiser's services and not an endorsement. Signing up for Bidvertiser is under your own free will and discretion.

Bidvertiser Review 2018


Bidvertiser was founded in 2003 and is as old as the world's top Ad Network for publishers, Google AdSense. Bidvertiser has risen to be among the best Ad Networks in the world today. Bidvertiser currently has thousands of advertisers as wel as publishers that trust their services.

Unlike most Advertising Netwroks, Bidvertiser reviews applications by publishers with most being instantly approved due to the current demand. This has made Bidvertiser to emerge as arguably the top and best of the few reputable Google AdSense alternatives. With its large publisher base, many advertisers are using Bidvertiser to reach more audience and for a cheaper price than Google AdWords.

Bidvertiser for Advertisers

As stated earlier, Bidvertiser is a perfect alternative to Google AdWords for advertisers. They are cheaper and advertising starts from as low as $5. The following are some Bidvertiser features for advertisers:

  • Customized Ads (you can design your own ads).
  • Many Ad formats and types to select.
  • Ads Geo-targeting.
  • Bid for specific sites you want your Ads to appear on.
  • You can also promote your other listings from sites like Amazon, Ebay....
  • Get a refund for invalid clicks.

Signing up as an advertiser on Bidvertiser is free. Advertising will cost you as low as $5 and you will receive an offer of .

Bidvertiser for Publishers

For web publishers (bloggers, website owners, ...) Bidvertiser is one of the great ways to monetize you website or blog. Bidvertiser allows you to paste HTML codes to your site or blog for the Ads to show. Each time a visitor to your website and clicks on the Bidvertiser Ads, you earn some money from the clicks and also from the conversions.

The Bidvertiser toolbar enables you to track the activities of the Ads on your website or blog. You can use the Bidvertiser toolbar to customize the Ads to show on your web pages. There are many ad formats and types you can select from. The Ad types include banners, text-link ads, photo-text ads,... and much more.

Many publishers that use Bidvertiser are either banned or were not approved by other publisher Ad Networks like AdSense. Also if you are currently using AdSense, you can also use Bidvertiser to increase your revenue from advertising. This is allowed by both Google AdSense and Bidvertiser so long as you differentiate the two Ads appearances.

Bidvertiser Earnings, Payout & Payment Methods

Publishers earn a lot with Bidvertiser. The Bidvertiser earnings are mainly from Ad clicks and conversion.

The Bidvertiser earnings payout threshold (amount to earn before withdrawing your Bidvertiser earnings) is $10 for payments by MoneyBookers, PayPal, and Skrill. For payments by check and Western Union, the Bidvertiser payout threshold is $100 and $500 by bank wire transfer.

Signing up for Bidvertiser is the easiest thing. Bidvertiser sign up is free and takes less than 3 minutes. Unlike other Ad Networks, Bidvertiser review your website within less than seconds after sign up and as soon as you paste the Ads HTML codes on your site, the Ads starts showing. Thare is more that you'll learn when you are a publisher at Bidvertiser. You can sign up as a publisher on Bidvertiser.