AdVersal Review 2018 - Earnings, Rates, AdVersal vs AdSense

Adversal review 2018, is a review of the key functional features and services that will answer some common Adversal FAQs about the sign up process, Adversal Earnings, Ads, payment and payout procedure, advertiser and publishers options.... At the end of this Adversal review, you should be able to make a judgement whether to start, continue or quit publishing or advertising with Adversal.

Note: This Adversal review is independent. This Adversal review is only an analytical review of Adversal's services and not an endorsement. Signing up for Adversal is under your own free will and discretion.

Adversal Review 2018


Adversal CPM Ad Network was founded in 2003 and is as old as the world's top Ad Network for publishers, Google AdSense. From a humble beginning, Adversal has grown to be among the best Ad Networks in the world today. Though not to popular as AdSense, Adversal has made a mark in online marketing and advertising.

Currently, Adversal has expanded its Ad format, serving PPC ads, pop under ads... you name it. There ads are Geo-targeting meaning that advertisers only get to choose the region of their target audience. Other options by Adversal include also targeting sites to run sponsored posts. This makes it easy for advertisers to target and bid for advertising space on sites they wish to advertise on. These features by Adversal benefit both publishers and advertisers.

Adversal vs AdSense

It is hard to compare Adversal with AdSense. Google AdSense is clearly better than Adversal.

In terms of the ads, the two pay well and almost the same. You can use AdSense ads together with Adversal ads. However you have to be cautious not to warrant unnecessary bans by AdSense. To evade this, differential the two ads by using different fonts. Though Adversal ads look different, this is a good practice especially if you are equally using AdSense on your site.

Adversal Pros & Cons

There are numerous pros on Adversal than the cons. It is hard to list all of them. This should be assesed by only you because one man's trash can be another man's treasure.

Nevertheless as a publisher, the main advantage would be the low payout and high CPM rates by Adversal. The major limitation is that you have to have good traffic from North America to get approved by Adversal.

Adversal Earnings, Payout & Payment Methods

For publishers, Adversal earnings estimates are updated/report daily. Once you reach the set payout amount, you will be able to withdraw your Adversal earnings via PayPal or check upon request.

The payout amount for Adversal is $20 which is paid NET35. This means that for example, if your site reached the Adversal payout threshold you will have to wait for 35 to withdraw your Adversal earnings. For example, if you reach the payout threshold on the 1st of January, then 35 days later which in our case is 4th February, you will be able to withdraw your Adversal earnings.

Adversal Sign Up

Signing up for Adversal as a publisher is the easiest thing. The sign up process is easy and free for every publisher.

However before signing up at Adversal as a publisher, you must take the following factors into consideration:

  • Most of your web traffic should be from the US and Canada.
  • Many Ad formats and types to select.
  • Your site content must be substantial and written in English.
  • Your site must get at least 50,000 page views per month.

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