10 Best Domain Name registrars 2018 – 2019 List (Free Domain with Hosting)

A great domain name sets your brand apart. That's why we provide you with a list of the 10 best domain name registrars 2019 (some will offer free domain registration with hosting); companies that will secure your brand online. Some of the companies below will offer you a free domain name when you buy web hosting services from them but others are just purely domain registrars that you can use to register your domain at a fee and later point name servers to your hosting server.

For years, we've tried & listed 10 best free domain registrars with hosting that guarantee good, quality but relatively cheap services. Our select top 10 domain registration companies 2019 list comprise of services with a strong outstanding market longevity.

See the 10 best domain name registrars for 2018 - 2019;

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1. One (FREE Domain registration with a Web Hosting Account)

One.comStarting Price @

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One Review

  • FREE DOMAIN registration/transfer
  • FREE cloud storage account
  • Ulimited Databases, Emails, Bandwidth, & cPanel.
  • Free security tools like SSL Certificates
  • Hundreds of free web templates and site buiding tools
  • FREE eCommerce tools and site builder

One is an affordable web hosting company that doubles up as a domain registrar. The one great offer they are running currently is the provision of 1 free domain registration when you sign up for a hosting account. Their web hosting services are very affordable as they currently offer free web hosting services for the first year.

This is a good place to register your domain if you look to launch your new website or just park it for future use.

This web host come domain registrar has all the features and necessary rsources you may need to setup a website; from website builders, 1-click installations, ... et cetera. There is no reason for not trying them out.

If the free 1 year web hosting doesn't offer a free domain your can still register your domain with them and take advantage of their quality hosting services for free in your first year. Below are some of the domains provided for free:

One.com Free Domain Regitration
Domain Name
Disk Space
Money Back Guarantee
30 days
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2. NameCheap

NameCheap - Best Domain Name registrars 2019 and 2019

NameCheap is one of the most recommended of all the domain name registrars for their clean and easy domain management services. NameCheap also offers a range of new TLDs that you can register.

Since NameCheap specializes in domain registration, it would be great to use their services especially if you are not looking to host your domain immediately. However you can also register your domain with NameCheap and later point the nameservers to your web server. The prices of domains start as little as $0.88 per year and for the Top Level Domain (TLD) like the .com, go for as little as $9.88/year. Otherwise if you do not want to go through the hustle of registering a domain then pointing nameservers to a web server or transferring it for that matter, it would be better to use One above, or iPage, BlueHost, or inMotion Hosting (whichever pleases you) below for both domain and hosting services.

All in all if you want a domain name registrar that does not upsell you on anything or have hidden charges, then you should defiitely go with NameCheap.

3. iPage (FREE Domain registration with a Web Hosting Account)

iPageStarting Price @

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iPage Review

  • FREE DOMAIN registration/transfer
  • $200-worth of ad credits with Google, Bing, and Yahoo! plus another $500 offers in extras
  • FREE cloud storage account
  • Ulimited Databases, Emails, & Bandwidth.
  • Free security tools like SSL Certificates
  • Hundreds of free web templates and site buiding tools
  • FREE eCommerce tools and Yellowpages.com listing

iPage is an old player in the industry; older than most domain name registrars out there. They are however not solely a domain registrar since they also offer hosting services that offer you a free domain name at sign up. iPage is one of the cheapest web hosting companies with prices starting at only $1.99 per month. This makes iPage a bargain for lean startups who wants to save up on their new website and domain name registration. Because most of the best domain name registrars are not good web hosts, iPage doubles up as both making it a one-stop go to solution for your domain name registration and web servers.

iPage's domain name search portal is well synced with their servers to allow you to quickly find the best domain names available as you purchase a web hosting account for your website.

Registering a Domain Name at iPage

You can take advantage of the free domain name registration with a hosting account offered by iPage and later transfer your domains to a sole domain registration company like NameCheap if you don't like having your domains in the same account as your web hosting.

Domain Name
Disk Space
Money Back Guarantee
30 days
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4. Bluehost (FREE Domain registration with a Web Hosting Account)

bluehostStarting Price @

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BlueHost Review

  • Free website migration
  • FREE DOMAIN registration/transfer
  • $200-worth of ad credits with Google, Bing, and Yahoo! plus another $500 offers in extras
  • FREE cloud storage account
  • Ulimited Databases, Emails, & Bandwidth & cPanel.
  • Free security tools like SSL Certificates
  • Hundreds of free web templates and site buiding tools
  • FREE eCommerce tools

Bluehost is similar to iPage above in the sense that they offer 1 year free domain name with a new web hosting account to buy from them. Among the best domain name registrars out there Bluehost can be referred to as the best WordPress provider. They are the officially endorsed WordPress hosting service by the WordPress Foundation. They are also one of the most popular hosting providers and domain name registrars in the world.

BlueHost also provides free SSL certificates and use the latest PHP version to give offer websites faster performance and added security. The only reason for iPage and One being ahead is the pricing of web hosting but as for being top domain name registrars, you can rank them equally. In fact if are willing to pay little extra for their hosting services, they are the best web hosting service we would recommend out there.

If you want to check the availability of your domain name, you can use the Bluehost domain cecker webtool below:

Bluhost is famed for their fully best managed WordPress services that are fast, light and very secure with standby technical WordPress experts ready to offer you assistance with any issues on your account. They also offer 1-click installation so you don't have to worry about hiring experts to hep you set up anything on your website. You read here a step by step guide for creating a website with Bluehost (5 minute read)

Domain Name
Disk Space
Money Back Guarantee
30 days
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5. GoDaddy

GoDaddy - Best Domain Name registrars 2019 and 2019

Godaddy is another one among the 10 best domain name registrars in the world. In fact GoDaddy boasts to be the world's largest domain name registration company with over 30 million domains registered under their belt. Established in 1997 as Jomax Technologies, Godaddy has grown steadily over time expanding their scope of services to now include sales SSL certificates and web hosting accounts.

However GoDaddy is not as good a web hosting service provider as they may be a domain registrar. Their web servers are not as fast and secure as other known players like BlueHost or iPage. And the reason why if you ever need a domain for your website it is a good idea to buy from a reputable provider like Bluehost or iPage above. Alternatively you can buy a domain from them and point your nameservers to your web hosting company.

Though I don’t recommend GoDaddy because of their upsells and various incidences where the company has openly confiscated domains from their customers, they are worth mentioning as one of the best domain registrars in the world. Their offers for TLD domain names like the .com start at only $9.99 per year among other domain name registration options.

Nonetheless if you are looking for a domain only registration company then, the best option would be NameCheap

6. Register

Register - Best Domain Name registrars 2019 and 2019

Since its foundation way back in 1994, Register.com have had a steady growth to register million of domain names on their platform; a clear indication of Register being an awesome domain name registrar. You know what they say, "numbers don't deceive."

Though not as hyped as GoDaddy and NameCheap services out there, they actual stuck up well among the world's best domain name registrars. You can get domains from them for as little as $10 per year.

Their customer support is also good with an average response time of 2 minutes via chat. As with many top domain registration companies out there, Register.com also offers web hosting services though would not recommend them since trends prove that most top domain name registrars are never good at web hosting service provision and they also normally charge higher fees as most of their servers are resold. It is advisable to use perenial web host such as Bluehost or iPage.

7. inMotion (90 days money back guarantee)

inmotionStarting Price @

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inMotion Review

  • FREE Domain name
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unmetered bandwidth & cPanel
  • Ulimited email accounts
  • Ulimited databases
  • Thousands of free web templates and site buiding tools

Little needs to be said about inMotion hosting as their industry recognision awards speak for their quality services with over 50 awards over the years. They too offer domain registration services though they do not come for free compared to other top web hosting companies like iPage and Bluehost above that also double up as domain registrars.

There is no doubt that inMotion is above the rest with regards to web hosting. Even though they do not offer you a free domain name with hosting, the reason we put them to this list is because of their 90 days money back guarantee which allows you to test their services risk free for 90 days for which you can cancel if you don't like them and get a refund.

Domain Name
Disk Space
Money Back Guarantee
90 days
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8. Name

Name - Best Domain Name registrars 2019 and 2019

Name.com is another a well known company among the best domain name registrars out there. The cost for domains at Name.com are as low as $10.99 per year for the Top Levels such as the .com

Just like other top domain registrars too, Name.com will try to resell you web hosting services since they are not a primary web hosting provider leading to extra charges. For instance they will cap you disk usage, charge $4.99 per month for web hosting, provide you with SSL for $9.99/year among other unnecessary costs just to ensure the smooth running of your website. They also offer WHOIS Guard for $4.99 per year something which you can get for free or cheap at NameCheap above.

Because of their many upsells, they rank this lower on our list though they fairly do well compared to other players out there.

9. Flippa

Flippa - Best Domain Name registrars 2019 and 2019

Have you ever been in a situation where the one domain name you so much crave has already been taken by someone else, and you felt like all your branding just took a beating? Well, if this is you then Flippa may come as a savior. Unlike other top domain registrars, Flippa allows you to buy already registered domain names, websites, and mobile Apps alike at a set fee or auction price. At Flippa you will find millions of domain names going for sale at auctions and the good news is that you too can join the fray and register good domain names from top domain registrars and resell them on Flippa; what is infamously referred to as Domain Flipping.

At Flippa domain marketplaced, you can find domains costing as low as $1 or even early domains (more than 10 years old) going for a few hundred bucks or even thousands of dollars. For example, in 2015 the owner of html.com sold his domain at an auction price of $50,000 on Flippa.

You too can be a full time Flipper just buy good domains at the cheap and reseller them at auctions prices which are normally higher as people tend to out-bid each other for good domain names.

Since you are going to be buying and selling lots of domains at Flippa, it is good to use a NameCheap for domain transfers to or from your buyers as their website allows seamless unlimited transfers. Unlike other top domain name registrars like GoDaddy which have a bad reputation of holding up your domains in the name of "suspicious account activities". Imagine a $1000 domain name that you can't transfer because someone denies you the right. The sole reason you need to go with NameCheap for domain names

10. Sedo

Sedo - Best Domain Name registrars 2019 and 2019

Like Flippa, Sedo is a global marketplace to buy, sell, and park domain names. Instead of registering a new one, if you are looking to buy a unique domain name that isn't available, this is the go-to place.

Free Domain registration with Hosting in a Nutshell

With the world turned into a global village, thanks to the internet, almost everyone needs a website. Whether it is school going kids or the fully qualified professionals. Small businesses to multinationals. Free domain registration with hosting is a life saver as it saves one the slack of carrying out seamingly challenging processes like pointing nameservers, paying for SSL encryptions and other online security toolskit management, ... et cetera.

So with Free domain registration with web hosting account one should expect the following advantages:

Easy to use Control Panel

Since most web hosting sites also double up as domain name registrars, they provide you with an easy to use control panel such as the cPanel for easy management of your domains and web server resources.

1 dollar hosting cPanel

Your hosting account is managed through customized cPanel control panel. After your first login into your hosting account, you can use your control panel to manage your websites, emails ... right there you will find all your resources that include your domains, databases, and many more.

FREE DOMAIN from top domain name registrars

Can't emphasize more. You are only hosting for less than 3 dollar or 2 per month, that would cost you roughly $24 - $40 a year. The cost for registering a new domain is a little over $12 dollars a year in some of the affordable domain registrars out there. So with the package offered by these Free domain name registrars with web hosting, that's a bargain since somehow if you are going to need a website you will still pay for your hosting account irregardless of whether you already have a domain registered with separate domain registrars elsewhere! It beats logic to go for the free domain registration with hosting not unless you just want to register and hold a domain for whatever reason.

Host ulimited websites on one hosting account

This is another advantage of the free domain name registrars with hosting over solely domain registrars. Why is it so?

When you buy a hosting service it is obvious that you receive a 1 year free domain name registration but another valuable provision is the ability to host unlimited domains on 1 hosting account. This implies that once you pay for 1 hosting account, you are not required to purchase another account to host other websites/domains that you have set up. For instance, you can have 30 domains registered and hosted on the same server for the same cost per month. Supposed you paid 40 per year for hosting at iPage, should have other websites you want to create from your other domain names then you will pay nothing extra.

Money-back Guarantee

This is one feature that even the best domain name registrars do not offer. Money back guarantee simply acts as an insurance policy where you can cancel your order at any given time and get a refund immediately within the stipulated period of reference.

For instace, Bluehost offers a 30 day money back guarantee. What it means is that should you buy anything from Bluehost and for one reason or another realize that you made a wrong choice, you can put in a request to cancel your order and the money you paid will be refunded albeit you have to cancel within 30 days from the time you placed your order.

Can I transfer an existing domain name across domain name registrars?

Transferring existing domain names across domain name registrars is simple and painless in just a few easy steps. To start, when you choose the 1 dollar hosting plan, you will be asked to select your domain name. Enter your current domain name into the search bar – you will then be informed that this domain is not available. When you see this, select the "transfer" option and later go to your present domain registration provider and initiate the trnasfer process. It is important to ensure you back up all the data on your website as this will not be transferred when you change domain names. It is also important to copy your previous DNS settings and subdomains. Nevertheless before initiating such a procedure, it is advisable to contact your service provider (either current or the one you wish to transfer to) and they will help you with the process for free. You can also use your webmaster or higher an experienced programmer at Fiverr for only $5. We can also assist you if you are that hard-pressed when you send us an email at [admin@TopHostingNet.com]

If you want to transfer your domain across different domain name registrars, first you should find another hosting provider or domain registration company to move the domain to. You will also need the domain to be unlocked and to get the EPP key. Also note that for domains to be transfered across different domain registrars, they must have been registered for atleast 2 months and a previous transfer must also not have been done within the past 60 days. Meaning you have to wait for 60 days after registration or previous transfer to transfer the domain name again.

Trusted services

This is because the web hosting companies come domain name registrars listed here mostly offer their packages with at least 30-days money back guarantee. If you are not happy with how you are treated or served, you have an option of cancelling and asking for a refund within the stipulated period as an insurance policy.

Apart from that, the services listed herein have long market longevity as they have been in the business for many solid years and won many accolades for their service provision.

Unlimited Email Accounts for free

The domain name registrars that double up as hosting providers also offer a plethora of email addresses. Fully customizable to match your chosen domain name, it's the ideal way to create brand consistency and polish your online communications strategy. Plus, their webmail services are supported by IMAP and POP3; so no more gmail or yahoo addresses that may violate your privacy by selling your info to third parties such as online advertisers. It is you@yourdomain.com

Unlimited Databases

Most mediocre hosting services limit the number of databases you can create to 5. This can be inadequate for the fully fuctioning dynamic or business website. With the web hosting providers above, you get unlimited database usage so you will never run into problem with the normal running of MySQL.

Seamless Domain and Hosting Account Management

Most sole domain name registrars make it difficult to seamlessly intergrate your domain and web hosting accounts. This owes to the fact that you have to perform manual actions to sync the two accounts something which can spell trouble especially with the management of security items such SSL certificates, webmails, databases, redirect codes and much more.

And that's precisely where web hosting companies that also act as domain registration companies save the day. They provide you with seamless management of your domains and web servers in just a click. Plus with their standby customer service agents who are always available 24/7 365 days to help you with the management of your account. They will literally help you with anything including just letting you know what today's date is.

Affordable services

Why should one pay as much as $250 per month on domain hosting? Or even just $50 monthly? Makes no sense! If you are just starting out go for the affordable shared hosting packages offered above and then you may upgrade later when your site grows to require more resources.

Good Speed

The quality of speed on the here is just super fast with 99.99% uptime guarantees that if are not met you get a refund. This is one thing you can never get from domain name registrars that claim to also offer web hosting services. That said, you can never at any given time complain of downtime as you do with specialized domain registrars.

World Class Support

If you do not understand any bit, there is always a customer support team waiting on the line 24/7 365 days. You can always reach them through email, live chat, phone, or just use the vast information data in their knowledge base at their websites that include step by step walk through videos.

Good Reputation

All the companies listed here have eons of experience in the domain registration industry. They have been serving quality with a consistency that has built their reputation over the years.

Secure websites with close monitoring

Malware can quickly destroy any website, and in turn destroy a business. WordPress websites are some of the most targeted by hackers. This is because of the seemingly unlimited number of themes, plugins, and customizable options WordPress has. The best domain name registrars with hosting include a malware scanner which will automatically search your website and quarantine any malicious files it finds, keeping your website, and your business, safe.

Plus, the SSL encrypted data transfer and firewall provide an added layer of protection. In addition to this, the services come with several security features which you can pick from and add to your chosen plan. For instance the SiteLock - which is the easiest and safest way to protect your website. This powerful feature shields sensitive customer data, such as credit card information, addresses, and passwords from theft – protecting your customers and your reputation. Features include a website application scan, SQL injection scan, and SSL verification.


You get unlimited disk space, bandwidth, Free application installation (with open sources like WordPress, Drupal,...), free templates, easy to use control panels, drag n drop site builders and much more; something not guaranteed by sole domain name registrars. Simply put it; you are well covered as all these boil down to one aspect and that is reliability.

Why Do You Need Free domain registration with a Hosting Account?

Simple. Because most sole domain name registrars not guarantee quality hosting nor will they make management of your website account easier. However for the experienced folk, it is good to keep your domains separate from your hosting account for "convenience" at critical times like when you haven't/ forgot to make timely renewal payments for web hosting account.

Do I need different domain name registrars as my web hosting provider?

Depending on various factors highlighted above, the response is a mixed yes and no. Yes for the expirienced folk and no for the newbie.

Finally, if you need anything answered just contact us and we will be glad to help you out. You can also let us know your thoughts on this page in the comments section below. Thanks for your visit and support. Cheers!