50 Top Highest Paying Adsense Keywords 2018

Top AdSense keywords helps to increase earnings from AdSense. In the recent past, Ad Networks including Google AdSense have been paying lowly due to webmasters not ranking for high paying AdSense keywords. Apart from targeting high paying AdSense keywords, blogs niches also contribute to high AdSense revenues. You can see the top paying AdSense niche list.

High paying keywords are as a result of advertisers bidding against each other for the same keywords. The higher the bids the higher the CPC (Cost Per Click) since advertisers outbid each other by paying more for the targeted keywords. These keywords are high paying since few people search for them and the many companies in such categories target them. These high paying keywords also do not just pay for clicks and impressions but also conversions. Mostly no advertiser will pay the figures below for just a click though it does occur occasionally.

So for those of you who are having challenges reaching an AdSense payout threshold, it's because you are probably not targeting high paying AdSense keywords. Below is a list of the top AdSense keywords:

 Top 50 Adsense High Paying Keywords 2018

The Top Adsense keywords list below was compiled based on the CPCs by the Google Adwords Keyword tool.

Highest Google AdSense Keywords