Top 10 Google Adsense Earners in the World 2017 List

In 2016, the 10 Top AdSense earners in the world made good money. So how much do the top Google AdSense earners in 2017 make precisely? If you already have a website then you may have already used Google AdSense or other AdSense alternatives as a way of earning with your website. You have a feel of earning through your website, and in this case using top ad networks such as Google AdSense. One vital thing you have noticed is that you can't make much with Adsense on a blog/site with a low traffic. Meaning that the top Adsense earners in India, in US, in the UK, Africa ... and the list is endless; in the whole world,, have big popular sites with high traffic. See clean, popular and working ways increasing traffic to your website

But that does not mean you won't earn from Adsense right? Since everyone is making some cash (from $2/month to thousands of dollars a month). This article is written top give you hope of making it with Google Adsense. So who are some of these top Adsense earners and their sites in the world? Here is what Google states about the top Adsense earners. The list is not full and does not necessarily mean that they are the undesputed top Google AdSense earners but rather success strories. Here they are: (Beauty & health) (Beauty & health) (Education)
Concertboom (Entertainment) (Finance) (Food & drinks) (Home & garden)

The above are some of the top Adsense earners (AdSense success strories) as quoted by Google. But notice that we did not quote their earnings and traffic since Google does not state and we also do not claim to know, or perhaps this may be a violation of some kind of rights ..., and also maybe Google Adsense policies. It adds does not help knowing that, instead increase your own traffic, learn from it and boast/share your success stories. However, according to traffic, this is what some top AdSense earners claim to get:

  1. Above 5 million page views/month and above = (More than $1000 per month)

  2. 5 million page views/month and below = (Around $1000 per month and more)

  3. Above 20 thousand page views/month and above = ($100 per month and more)

  4. 20 thousand page views/month and below = (less than $100 per month)

So how much do the top Adsense earners get? Some top AdSense earners in the world have shared their success stories while others have their AdSense earnings figures estimated or leaked to the web. The list below shows some notable top 10 AdSense earners on the web , their traffic estimates by the Alexa rank, site niche and their estimated Adsense earnings :

Highest Top 10 AdSense Earners in the World 2017

Here are some of the top 10 highest AdSense earners in the world. They may not necessarily be the biggest and these numbers are just estimates from the internet, it could be higher or lower;

Top 10 AdSense Earners

#10 Click India
Niche : Marketing and Advertising
Global Alexa Rank : 5000
Estimated monthly AdSense Earnings : $50,000

#9 PlentyofFish NOW POF
Niche : Online Dating
Global Alexa Rank : 600
Estimated monthly AdSense Earnings : $90,000

#8 Labnol
Niche: Technology
Global Alexa Rank : 2800
Estimated monthly AdSense Earnings : $105,000

Special Note: This website is owned by Amit Agarwal and he is famed as the highest Google AdSense earner in India (this can be disputed).

#7 Shoemoney
Niche : Finance
Global Alexa Rank : 15,100
Estimated monthly AdSense Earnings : $120,000

#6 Digg
Niche : Blogs
Global Alexa Rank : 600
Estimated monthly AdSense Earnings : $200,000

#5 Techcrunch
Niche : Technology
Global Alexa Rank : 550
Estimated monthly AdSense Earnings : $220,000

#4 DigitalPoint
Niche : Online Forum
Global Alexa Rank : 350
Estimated monthly AdSense Earnings : $350,000

#3 Mashable
Niche : News and Technology
Global Alexa Rank : 290
Estimated monthly AdSense Earnings : $450,000

#2 Ehow
Niche : Online Guide
Global Alexa Rank : 230
Estimated monthly AdSense Earnings : $550,000

#1 Wikihow
Niche : Online Guide
Global Alexa Rank : 205
Estimated monthly AdSense Earnings : $550,000

As you have seen, the top AdSense earners get good traffic from search engines. Here are some ways to increase traffic. Work on it and good luck!!!

NOTE: Use Google Analytics to check your site stats. Most Alexa metrics are not certified hence may offer conflicting stats. Uncertified Alexa metrics are only estimates and not the actual traffic quote.

The informaton here cannot be guaranteed to exactly true and may be challlenged. Furthermore the purpose of this posting is to expand your context on Google AdSense earnings. Though stated that it is not a get-rich-quick program, you actually use it to suppliment your day income, monetize your web traffic, cover your hosting fees ... whatever you like. We recommend starting your own website or blog and see how much you can earn from AdSense. For the full Google AdSense tutorial, see our step by step guide on how to make money with Google AdSense