How To Create Backlinks Free - 2018 Edition

See ways on how to create backlinks to your website for free and faster in 2018 than you could imagine. Get SEO inbound links that will help you in creating high quality backlinks to your site for free. As you know, your website is ranked by the number of relevant, natural and SEO follow backlinks it has. So learning the ways on how to get back links to your website is vital.

While you are to your blog/website creating backlinks, it is important to target inbound links that have link juice. Before you start to create backlinks, see these quick10 facts about building backlinks before start "the thing".

How To Create Backlinks Quickly

  1. "Google Backlinks" :

    These inbound links are obtained from the #1 search engine Google. Google is one of those few sites on PR9 that you can get backlinks from. However not every link on Google's pages is followed. The few links that get followed are links on Google profile pages. When you sign up for Google services, it's usually best practice to complete the About profile page and add a link to your website. Some Google services that have free to follow profile pages include; , Google Plus, Google Places ....

    Also note that the number of inbound links or backlinks to your website varies with different metrics. For example Alexa tallies any dofollow link while Google only counts the quality and relevant backlinks found on prime locations like the body of a web page. That is why it is always important to have quality content that ca be linked to. Remember 'Content is King'. This fact sometimes makes creating backlinks look like a useless affair in SEO though it is not.

  2. Natural Backlinks :

    This is the best way to create backlinks to your site for free. There is a bit of a tussle among webmasters on what natural backlinks are. But natural back links on our verdict, are those backlinks you did not create yourself. To get natural backlinks, simply write good, quality and unique content on your website/blog. Then other websites/blogs on the same niche will link back to it as a reference.

  3. Social Networking :

    Social networking is also a sure way to get free backlinks to your blog/website. Share your links with your followers, fans and friends on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter... and get backlinks back to your website for free. See how to get backlinks from Facebook.

    Get backlinks through Social Networks

  4. Review Sites :

    This is another secret way of creating free backlinks to your website. If you have unique and quality content, products, services, rewards, promotion...then many good sites/blogs will write a review of your site. And then they will post a link to your website/blog.
    There are also online review sites that analyze your blog/website's traffic, SEO, backlinks etc.They will also come after your blog/site has been online for some time. All these for free, just be patient enough.

  5. Blog Commenting :

    This is another lucrative way to build backlinks. You visit blogs/sites that allow you to post comments on them. Ensure that the comments are not regulated by search robots by seeing whether other comments by users have been posted on the webpages. The quality of backlinks from comments again will vary with the relevance of the site's topic to your own and the keywords in the backlinks. For blogs that use WordPress, Commentluv blogs are a better place to get backlinks.

    Get backlinks from Dofollow Commentluv blogs

  6. Guest Posting :

    Another way to create free backlinks is writing guest posts. If you find a good blog/site that is in the same niche as yours, then you can contact the owner to ask for a guest posting. Guest posts can be added to a webpage as a way to add content that a blog/site has not talk about. You can also post breaking news and other stuff as guest posts. If the owner of that particular website/blog accepts your request, then he/she will post it and include a backlink to your website/blog.

  7. Forums :

    Also get backlinks to your site by joining online forums. Many top sites with large traffic have fora where their users discuss issues. Just find one that is relevant to your blog/site's topic and join. While joining forums, you can include your website's link as a signature since most forums don't accept link posting on certain topics on their pages. Others have tough regulations but allow you to post links to your blog/site as a reference. All these equals, free backlinks.

  8. Press Release :

    You can do a press release to create backlinks to your site. When you do a press release of your site/blog, you can include links to your site/blog hence you build backlinks. This you can do your own for free or pay press release sites to do it for you.

  9. Web 2.0 Sites :

    Web 2.0 sites are a rich source of backlinks and many people have joined them today. What you do is, you sign up for these sites and post long/short articles with the same niche as your site/blog. After then, you include a link to your site/blog as a reference or signature. The more of these sites that you join the more backlinks you build to your website/blog. One of the top web 2.0 sites you can join for free is . Search for the list of top web 2.0 sites like Wikipedia on the internet.

  10. Write Articles :

    Speaking of writing short and long articles, you can also get free backlinks by writing articles on other sites. There are many sites that allow you to write and include links from other sites including yours. These sites also share the revenue generated by the articles you write with you making it a win-win. The revenue sharing sites are free to join. Some of these revenue sharing sites are like Squidoo and Hubpages.

    Get backlinks by Writing Articles

  11. Internal Links (from blog posts) :

    This is another way on how to create backlinks to your site that most people do not know. Yes, internal links from other blog posts also act as separate backlinks. If you posted a link from the same site but on a different webpage on the same niche,then you can also post a link referring other users to your earlier link. This will be treated as a separate backlink.

  12. Testimonials :

    Write online testimonials and build backlinks to your site. If you have ever tried/purchased a product, from certain sites/companies, then you can write a testimonial on that and and include your blog/site's link. Most eCommerce sites allow this from their users. Post nice stuff so that your backlinks/posts are not removed.

  13. Answer Questions Online :

    This is another sure way to create backlinks to your site for free. Join sites that you answer questions posted by other users. When you find questions relevant to your blog/site, get to answer them and include backlinks to your site as reference. One such program is YahooAnswers. See other sites like YahooAnswers that you can use to build backlinks.

    Get backlinks from Answering Questions Online

  14. Link Exchange :

    Doing a link exchange will get backlinks to your site. You can link to another site in your niche and they also do so for your blog/website.Or you can sign up for a link exchange program. This method is however not recommended by Google.

  15. Social Bookmarking Sites :

    Social bookmarking will also build backlinks to your website. One of the social bookmarking sites your can join is

  16. Web Directories :

    You can also create backlinks by submitting your website to various web directories in your niche category. There are various free and paid for web directories you can submit your site to. The free ones will however delay a little bit, 1 week- 12 months to link to your site. See the list of high PageRank dofollow Directories.

    Get backlinks from Web Directories

  17. Article Submission :

    Article submission can create lots of backlinks to your website. Simply write articles or submit your web articles to article submission sites and include backlinks to your website/blog. Some of the article submission sites are ehow, ezinearticles etc. Just follow their rules and guidelines.

    1. Dofollow backlinks from high PageRank sites are better.
    2. Creating excess backlinks will lead to link spamming, a capital offense in SEO.
    3. Always try to get backlinks from sites n the same niche as your web pages or entire site.
    4. Link exchange is a dangerous way to build backlinks.
    5. Always include anchor texts in your links when creating backlinks.
    6. Backlinks from lower PageRank sites considered bad neighbors and may be fatal to your website.
    7. The anchor texts in your backlinks should contain relevant keywords in relation to the web page.
    8. Relying on one method of creating backlinks is considered not natural.
    9. Thinking of how to buy backlinks? Well there are a lot of places you could get then at promising prices. But here is the most important advice, Never Buy Backlinks.
    10. Natural backlinks are the best.
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